Richland voters have lots of decisions on fall ballot – YES THEY DO (Smile).

Richland voters have lots of decisions on fall ballot

At least 26 tax issues or questions will be on the ballot and dozens of elected offices come up for grabs. – Oh boy! – Time for some WHOLESALE CHANGED huh people?

In Mansfield, voters will decide between Republican incumbent Tim Theaker and Democrat Ron Abrams for mayor. The city’s incumbent law director, John Spon, will face a challenge from former law director Dave Remy. Incumbent council president Phil Scott will face a challenge from Mike Hill, who was an at-large councilman and currently holds a 1st ward city council seat. –  Well, where does Mansfield start? Surely Theakor won’t have a chance with his I don’t care about the little people mentality, but then again this is Mansfield. Then there’s that guy Buttercup Mike Skidmore recorded when Randy Shepherd CONfronted coming out of the clerks office about his lawsuit he is blocking against a former law firm he work for, that being yet to be decided WHY these officials are blocking the Shepherd State order? Now all we need to know is more about Mike Hill who may replace long time politician Phil Scott who once worked at the Clerks office once again in which Mr Shepherd claims is where ALL fraud starts and begins? 

I believe these are ALL good questions for these hopefuls, so when will they have a public debate in which all can attend, or will they status quo only wine and dine their corporate sponsors – that’s how it usually works here!

Good luck getting any of them on the record, as we saw July 9th you catch them lying on video they will try and take your camera, then say they told you to leave so they can justify everything they do wrong! Politics will surely be interesting when their feeble attempt to shut down the MP who refutes their local paper crap we will see how the Community grows and moves forward. JOBS should be the focus for Mansfield, not the WELFARE PRISON PROBATION STATE – It seems if you have watched these leaders in action this is not a party association, Democrat or Republican – This is being made into a US vs THEM association, in which THEY refuse to listen to US???

IF you really have had enough, GET OUT AND VOTE!!!


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  1. Bird says:

    “Those in power need checks and restraints lest they come to identify the common good for their own tastes and desires, and their continuation in office as essential to the preservation of the nation.” Justice William O Douglas

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