Richland Source Identifies one City with a 15% decrease in crime?

Reported here…

Mansfield police trumpet 15-percent decrease in crime rate

***“We’re excited for what this means for the city of Mansfield,” said Ken Coontz, Mansfield Chief of Police. “To me, this is what progress looks like. When the officers are able to collaborate with the community, it’s these types of results that you can get.”

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MP says…

Not trying to be negative but yes the citizens of Mansfield should be commended for the most part with their involvement in 2015 seeing many getting involved in “awareness” programs that saw protests against crimes in general from the Mend Mansfield folks to those protesting a more broader picture i.e. County wide.

Yes, Citizens are arming themselves Smart Phones, Security Cameras, and BEST OF ALL weapons of choice to fend off offenders. Then you add in groups on Facebook like Mansfielders Perspective, Richland County Emergency Alerts, Richland County News Alerts. There is or was a NEW group that could not be found at the time of this post, not sure what happened to them, I believe its called Richland County Now?

When you have Law Enforcement joining in this groups you know what this Chief says is correct – United we Stand, like beyond popular belief where criminals are forced to post on craigslist against us depicting we are criminals? That’s some funny stuff there! They particularly don’t like the MP speaks volumes on why the crime numbers are down, how ever I would like to see a broader comparison within the County to see IF simply Mansfield crime is not just spreading out into other areas? Being this is Richland Source and not Mansfield Source I would have expected that, but that’s just me? I would like to see a broader scope of the entire County to assure we have the criminals on the run rather than good people giving up and leaving the area, I personally want people to stay rather than giving up and leaving as we see this fight is Nationwide. With that said we need to focus on the whole picture than the snapshot of the most economically depressed, after all criminals look for value to steal and what we have seen is items being stolen from outside of Mansfield and brought inside Mansfield to be sold. Can we get the numbers please????

Lets CONtinue these efforts into 2016 shall we, it’s good to see the real corrupt and criminals being forced to places like craigslist rants and raves where they proclaim many falsehoods about the Mansfielder’s Perspective Group particularly. This Drew Tyler makes many claims they can’t back up, for the most part saying we have banned them? Yes, they have been banned for NOT proving who they are and not keeping it real as they speak for the corrupt we are driving away, these numbers PROVE we are at least moving them out of Mansfield, now we wait for the rest of the numbers in our County?

Watch for it! – we will surely see this phony drunk post again on craigslist soon, cause they surely won’t be posting ANYWHERE ELSE on facebook, WHY? Because they are not REAL, a false witness if you will that has one place left they can post because they not only can’t but won’t post on Mansfielders Perpsctive Group, blog, or any other page on facebook – Now that’s ROTFLMAO!

Drew Tyler is nothing but a loser who speaks for those we are WINNING against and driving out of OFFICE and OUR Communities.

With that said…I commend the people of Richland County for saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – tick tick tick, the TRUTH is coming whether or not Drew Tyler our anonymous poster on craigslist says.

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