Richland Source endorses Darrell Banks, now thats a endorsement?

Richland Source 13 hrs ago!

Editorial Endorsement

Banks should be next Richland Co. Commissioner

Are we surprised? The MNJ  has gotten out of the endorsement business while now the NEW political mouthpiece speaks? We get better Intel here and public opinion in the Mansfielders Perspective than you do here. Watch comments once again be censored, here’s the one I left you will surely not read unless you see it here…


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Win Meek

I have known Darrell Banks as a fellow professional for over 30 years and respect and appreciate his attitude. He demonstrates an in depth knowledge of the concerns of all residences of Richland County. Winfield Meek – IF he gets in we will see if this pledge rings true or if it will be business as usual like last July 9th, response by editor Phil Sydnor.

Phil Sydnor

I will say this…IF the board of elections can impede true competition and leadership from running for office while giving inside information and misleading others while the Republican Party throws Thousands of dollars into this campaign why not vote for another one who will be a puppet? Yes the BOE lied to me last October when they advised I had to run as a Republican, this was a strategy from day one! Yes, I only needed 25 signatures as an Independent last fall, now I need 1% of the last Governors race being 329 minimum 3x max. Did anyone go to the debate last week? Scary to think this is all we have here, I like others are worried its business as usual. That being, not good! I have a few days left to get the required 329 signatures to get on the ballot, get the word out if you would like to see a 3rd and viable choice to serve the public, I assure you I am ready! I may have an uphill battle, but like serving this once great County to will pledge to make it great again. The little people need their voice back! For the record, who is Darrell Banks endorsing for Sheriff? I am backing Jerry Botdorf.
IF I was not a viable candidate would they send their so-called hide behind keyboard ranter to private message me their snide remarks? Is this kind of leadership you want in office that supports Independent folks getting attacked every election for telling it like it is? Think people! – THEY are laughing not just at me, they are laughing you and many others who try so hard to keep from being CONtrolled. You see it, I see it, there’s a DANGER LOOMING as you see? It says here Darrell Banks has been involved for 30 years, is this really what you want? The good old boy system? Even their NARCISSISTIC SOCIOPATH Drew Tyler admits they are in control, is that what you want, CONtrolled by CONS????
Last comment just Monday from Drew Tyler, mouthpiece for the corrupt – Has anyone found Drew Tyler yet, LOCAL SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS MAN????
Well happy Monday afternoon loser boy. Yeah, I was traveling again for the weekend and face it, you weren’t important enough to respond to until now heheheheh. Nope I didn’t watch the debate and as far as finding someone else to run against you, um I am quite sure there are more qualified sane people out there running than you. I think a 3rd grader could beat you because I am quite sure they have more common sense than some ole loser whose destiny it is to sling washing machines all day for peanuts. And I noticed you used the word “if” you can get on stage, um I doubt that too lol. Besides, that would be a debate I would watch to make whoever is running against you look like the total ass and loser you are. And you heard me right repeatedly slinger boy….I am your MASTER and in that capacity, I order you back to them washing machines because those substandard pieces of shit aren’t gonna sell themselves. As always, I am still ROTFLMFAO and there is NOTHING you can do about it.
Its CLEAR this person hates my Independence, not as long as I can breath will ANYONE take that away, this Drew Tyler character knows it! – Been stalking me now for 8 years being they cannot silence the TRUTH you find here!!!!

Tell it like it is…

Drew Tyler responds on Richard Source, Interesting!


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One Response to Richland Source endorses Darrell Banks, now thats a endorsement?

  1. Phil says:

    Its funny! I just heard Carlton – Carl Furnyak who runs Richland Source is also Banks campaign mgr who also donated $1500 to the campaign, now we know? Also the campaign manager is son of John Furnyak who owns most of downtown, hmmm? Last but not least Brother Romanchuk husband of Zoey and local business donated another $5000?
    What is so important that they spend so much on this campaign? Drew Tyler was right, you don’t have money you have no chance? Interesting!

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