Richland County, Ohio ; Executive Session, yet those not elected attend?

Executive Session our Elected Prosecutor called, yet never attended? – Were laws broken here?…

The Prosecutor’s office called an has added to the agenda an executive session to discuss imminent court action with the Commissioners on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.Stacey L. Crall, Clerk
Board of Commissioners
Richland County, Ohio

MANSFIELD – Commissioner Ed Olson has confirmed September 26, 2014 Friday night that Richland County Prosecutor James Mayer Jr. shot and killed himself.

The coroner and investigators responded to Mayer’s Dickson Parkway home.

Olson told the News Journal that First Assistant Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page called him with the news.

Pam Sellards



In accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 305.11, the Clerk of the Board of Richland County Commissioners hereby submits the following record of the Commissioners’ September 23, 2014 meeting, for recording into the Commissioners’ Journal, Volume 86, under the same date.


Regular Meeting, Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Call to Order: 9:31 a.m.

In Attendance: Commissioners: Utt, Olson, Wert


Clerk: Stacey L. Crall

Guests: See Below

Tape: SEPT2314

Topic: Executive Session

Tape: 0.0.10

Present: Andrew Keller, Mike Bear, Richland Source, News Journal, Lt. Zehner

Discussion: Andrew Keller, Assisting Prosecuting Attorney, suggested the Commissioners enter into executive session to have a conference with their attorneys to discuss a dispute which is the subject of imminent court action.

Motion: Commissioner Olson moved to enter into executive session to consult with attorneys on a dispute which is the subject of imminent court action seconded by Commissioner Wert.

Other Comments: None further.

Vote: Mr. Utt, yes; Mr. Olson, yes; Mr. Wert, yes. Motion carried.

Out of executive session 10:03 a.m.

Topic: Commissioners

Tape: 0.0.52

Present: News Journal, Richland Source, Andrew Keller, Mike Bear, Lt. Zehner

Discussion: During executive session the Board discussed a dispute which is the subject of imminent court action with two attorneys from the Prosecutor’s office.

Pam Sellards Randy Shepherd Phil Sydnor my post is the executive session requested by James Mayer but he did not attend.

Ciara Holmes Zehner was in attendance,why?

Pam Sellards No idea, but it was interesting. Perhaps the case involved him?

Pam Sellards Don’t think he was involved in the Tinney case. So maybe that wasnt the case they discussed?

Ciara Holmes Good find Pam Sellards!

Pam Sellards All the minutes are online, except for executive session. But there should be a record of those sessions.

Randy Shepherd Due process would clear up many of these questions. but good job for the community goes out to Pam Sellards. Our elected prosecutor was removed from office by Ed Olson on or before this meeting. the rest is pure corruption and murder.

Randy Shepherd No record of executive session. That is where our elected officials (Tim Gary and Ed) executives may discuss amongst them selves the resolution of the question requiring executive session, off the record. Which is not what happened. Note I did not say a private meeting with RSVP excluding the elected prosecutor but executive branch employees.
No, none of that crap is applicable to executive session, so there was none. Just cronies plotting and planning the demise of democratic PROCESS and the office of the prosecutor, Very successful plot, we now have a hired person sitting in the elected prosecutors chair? Not lawful not elected but very loyal to the executive branch for her job.

Randy Shepherd What was discussed, is also the cause for executive session?? No guessing about it. One of the commissioners, not a hired gun. must on the record state “I” would like executive session to conference on this item/question with my fellow commissioners? Then it is up to vote as to whether the public meeting should be interupted by executive session on tht question. Note I di not say a hired lawyer can ask or command or attend. Only the three commissioners are executive for this executive session. At the vary out side the elected prosecutor may attend if requested. but he must give his legal advice in writing not a pocket feel for good Ol Ed.
Separation of powers through election collapsed by Ed Olson.

Randy Shepherd Obviously it was requested by his office. suppose that could be the Bambi Couch phone call??? Cause James had no lawful authority to request executive session of the elected executives we call commissioners. separate but equal powers. James has prosecutorial powers Ed olson has administrative powers. Now he has appointed his own prosecutor. You know like Andrew Yosowitz not our choice but Ed’s choice

John Bentley The person behind all the stupid CL posts is in this group.

Randy Shepherd Would you ask it to quit? Phil don’t need the grief and I do not need to keep hearing about the grief.

Randy Shepherd I would like folks to scrutinize this simple filed form. Please take note it is filed in accordance to the RC 305.11.

This is a supposed public meeting and or official meeting of government executives. I.E. elected officials with name Like the Sheriff and the prosecutor. Not their employees those folks are employees of the executive branch not elected officers. Given that fact, only executive branch persons attended or were allowed to attend this illicit meeting.
The public was banned.
The clerk for and of the record was excused from her duty to record.
The elected prosecutor did not attend
the elected Sheriff did not attend.
ed Olson and Gang members had a private meeting and excluded the (law) legislature, the Judge, the prosecutor, and the Sheriff. Ya tink this might be a single branch of the government conspiring to mis appropriate public funds??

John Bentley How can I ask it to quit if I don’t know who it is?

Phil Sydnor Know who it is? We are going to find out! I talked to Tim Wert who will in turn talk to Steve Sheldon, not Donald Zehner. I was told I will get a call back on Monday, we shall see? I requested the Sheriff and Prosecutor to Thursdays meeting for we have questions regarding public safety, possible personal attacks by government employee(s), and the hiring of fired employees in the County! In example John Mayer and Bob Ball for starters. Tim said woe for John was hired by 5 Judges approval along with Dave Leitenberger who runs County probation. Hmmm, buddy system huh? Tim advised the Commissioners duties include simply financial matters only? Then says Judges & Mr Leitenberger approved, which may be true? How ever then, they had to approve of this by authorization of pay – wth??? Then we have the matter if a fib in the MNJ who said these jobs were reserved for retired Deputy’s, since when is the FIRED APA Supervisor a retired deputy? Can’t wait for Monday!

Randy Shepherd Wert won’t talk to the sheriff and if he does the Sheriff must write his answer and sign it?? Now we have judges hiring private people to do what? don’t tell me enforce the law? Judges are not authorized to hire anyone. Nor can the fire anyone. What a joke that is. Judges are elected to be judges not personnel managers. The only words we accept from a judge are those signed by the judge not he said they said and we did. Judges are the judicial branch nothing to do with county administration. tim boy can say what the judge did but if it were true the judge broke the law and needs to talk to law enforcement not administration. He only speaks through court orders signed by him because that is the power we grant to a judge.

John Bentley Congratulations Phil!!!! Hope you’re successful in finding out who “Drew Tyler” really is.

Randy Shepherd You certainly said it is in this group. If you did not know who it was, how could you say it was. Cmon man make a statement back it up with truth..

John Bentley He seems like a real jerk.

Phil Sydnor Who really knows if its a he? Could be Bambi lol!

John Bentley You’re right, I’m assuming it is a he with the name Drew.

John Bentley Maybe he/she isn’t in this group,

Phil Sydnor That would be why they are so quiet – lol!


Randy Shepherd

Checked about the folks Andrew Keller and Mike Bear, you know those folks at the public meeting where we were not allowed. Andrew Keller is a private attorney from Perrysville and Mike Bear is not an attorney in Ohio..

Pam Sellards Hmmmm

Randy Shepherd Welcome to executive branch takeover of the public meeting. No one present except Ed Olson and his cronies?? This is real sad, but how long til Mansfielders accept the facts presented??

Phil Sydnor Thursday should be a day of enough, why is everyone quiet? This should tick everyone off seeing Ohio law being ignored. Where’s the rules for executive session?, yes called by the guy who blew his head off 3 days after calling for it, that is odd?



Randy Shepherd

Well there you have it one of the hired attorneys Not “James Mayer” suggested executive session. Not a commissioner who is the only authorized official to do so.
The clerk was excused, so no records??
Zeynor Not the Sheriff was in attendance. Who is Mike Bear? Not counsel for the commissioners because that is James Mayer by law and the election process.
so we have a hire lawyer suggesting that our elected officials have an executive session where elected James Mayer may give legal guidance in writing (as provided by law).??
Folks the prosecutor is elected to provide checks and balance, the law and we striclly prohibit private attorneys, even his hired assistants to speak for our elected officil and or appear in liew of our elcted attorney, Just like we demand the elected Sheriff speak for his appointed/hired deputies.
This is proof positive that Ed Olson appointed a lawyer to take James Mayers place and perform his duties on this very day or before . Also Ed Olson was told by this hired lawyer to disregard his duty and call for executive session on behalf of the lawyer. That is legal advice contra to the law and duty of Ed Olson.
Ed Appointed and or removed James Mayer from office and relieved him of his duty on or before this meeting. James never returned to his office after this meeting??? Because Ed Olson seized the power of the prosecutor and gave it to a private attorney. huh Mike DeWine



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