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Jami Kinton
News Journal – Interesting Jamie writes the Story, but Lou Whitmire wants answers?


MANSFIELD — A Richland County Sheriff’s K-9 deputy, recently placed on paid administrative leave, returned to work at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Deputy (Raymond) Jeff Frazier was placed on leave May 15 and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation by Sheriff Steve Sheldon.

Maj. Dale Fortney said Frazier has returned to full active duty status.

“He was put on paid leave as a preemptive measure to deal with personal issues,” said Fortney, adding that Frazier also had complained about issues regarding his dog. “He has our full confidence and trust.”

The News Journal has made a request for records pertaining to Frazier’s leave and psychological evaluation, but has not received them.

In March, Frazier became the only K-9 officer in the department, in charge of German shepherd Odin.

Fortney said Frazier did not return with his dog Tuesday, as Odin is in training.

This is the second time Frazier has been placed on paid administrative leave since he joined the sheriff’s office in 2001. He served eight days suspension for an “ASORT incident” in 2007.
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Comments you may or may not be able to see on their site?

  • Lou Whitmire · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University

    The News Journal has requested any and all notes related to his psychological evaluation and discipline regarding his paid leave. Follow up story to come. I hate to say it Lou, but there won’t be a follow up story…That’s how Professional Courtesy and Immunity works around here. They will use the hippa law to avoid criminal charges – good luck!

  • Lou Whitmire · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University

    The News Journal has made a public records request for Fraziers psychological evaluation and the reasons he was placed on paid leave and any disciplinary actions and that story is to come.

  • Evelyn Bays · North Central State College

    I truly wonder if they will come forward with it, my thought is, they will not. I believe they will use the privacy act. Law enforcement has told me they can do whatever they want because they are above the law. Good luck on getting it Lou. That’s a FACT because they have what they call Professional Courtesy, Immunity, and a Prosecutor and Sheriff who turns a blind eye depending on who you are! Politics, you gotta love it…

    • Lou Whitmire · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University

      The public records laws are there for just that reason Yes they are, that’s why many of us find it funny that those who want the public’s trust are immune from it!
    • Jim Wetzel · Top Commenter · Colorado Technical University

      You make a pretty bold claim when you state “Law enforcement has told you they can do whatever they want because they are above the law” and I would like to see you substantiate such a claim instead of getting on here and just making that claim. My guess is, you can’t and wont. Maybe Mr. Wetzel needs video for you to prove your claim? Oh, that’s right…THEY believe the ONLY ones who should be recorded are those they work for, my bad. Mr. Wetzel is far from a credible voice, as you can see he’s been brainwashed at Liberal Tech in Colorado. This guys always DEFENDING those who work in the public eye, what a piece of work!
  • Evelyn Bays · North Central State College

    I will wait to see it and read it.thanks Lou.

  • Rick Rush · Top Commenter · Works at Ohio DRC

    Lou , Stan is right you can not have access to Deputy Frazier’s medical records ! if the Sheriff releases that he will be sued for sure ! That is all confidential ! You can probally have access as to why he was put on leave but not to his medical records ! You have to love technicalities, I bet Law makers put this in place for this very reason, to protect thugs!

  • Dale Rhoads · Top Commenter · Fort Worth, Texas

    Really don’t see why you should have any rights to, nor should you receive his psychological evaluation. If a police psychologist deemed he is fit for duty, then that should be between the administration and the psychologist. I stand with the Sheriff and Jeff 100% knowing if Sheriff Sheldon had any qualms, he would take further steps.
  • Dale, you can believe what ever you like. How ever I disagree with your 100% knowing that if the Sheriff had any qualms he would take further steps. I know a gentleman who said he avoided a DV charge when this same Sheriff tossed his victims file into the trash. Knowing this fella personally, he would not lie to me about his dealings with the Sheriff looking out. This same Sheriff got his weapon back for him after he lost it during an OVI arrest while carrying a consealed weapon in his glove box, did not lose CCW either? If this was anyone the Sheriff did not know, they surely would have been Prosecuted for both. You can believe sociopaths all you want, but Elected Officials can’t be given a 100% unless you’re part of the problem. I’m starting to think you are?

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