Richland County Deputy kills 9month old puppy Bull Mastiff after entering home illegally!

Richland County Sheriff’s deputies respond to wrong house, kill family dog

Not exactly depicted the same in the local news, a fair use account of what we now know…

“Tiffany McGregor said deputies called her at work with the news so she let them go inside.

I proceeded to tell him I have a dog, he’s just a puppy. I said his name is Zeus, but he’s large. And I said if you call out to him, you know nothing will happen. He said, ‘Well, we’ve already met your dog,'” McGregor said.

What the deputy did not tell McGregor was that he had already been in the house, saw Zeus and went out to call the dog warden, who was unavailable. The deputy reported the dog became aggressive and charged at him.

“And they wouldn’t  let us in the house. But when we finally came in the house, it looked like a murder scene. Our kids were at school. He ended up dying on my son’s bed in a pool of blood,” McGregor said.”

Locals are not the least bit puzzled that the name(s) of Deputy’s involved in this shooting being released. Early indications the people were led to believe the Deputy who’s son took a loaded gun to school in 2014 was involved, but now has been changed to the same Deputy who killed Brian Garber last year is the same Deputy here who feared for his life against a 9 month old beast that was thought to be safe like Brian thought in his old bedroom in his parents home. Can’t wait to get the TRUTH on this, it only took 8 months in the Garber case to find out who it was. The SAGA CONtinues in Richland County while the anonymous ranter on craigslist patiently awaits news like this.

Hope I didn’t disappoint ya my little anonymous friend?



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