Richland County Democrats speak thru a Source, lets examine a few things shall we?

Public hears from Richland County Democratic candidates here on the Source.  Here we add another perspective from a citizens view.



James Boyd – ok?

Bambi Couch Page

The Democratic Central Committee appointed Couch Page county prosecutor in 2014 after the death of former prosecutor Jim Mayer Jr.

“I have not only been fiscally responsible, but I have also managed that office with the skill level that is necessary, and I truly appreciate your confidence in appointing me to this position,” she said. – Interesting enough Bambi replaces a Mayer, she then hires his little unqualified brother (John Mayer who was fired for integrity and policy violations who’s best qualifications as what they call him a secret service investigator is formerly working as a Mall cop? Now we have another brother looking to be Sheriff? – Interesting power the Democrats are looking to hold, especially with one known to disregard training and rules, and another caught here not forthcoming with citizens when asked who he was talking for or otherwise impersonating. To this day we dont know which Commissioner or Prosector said these things?

Ron Davis – ok?

Matt Mayer – enough said in the video, had something to hide then, surely will have something to hide now?

Gary Utt

Moving forward, he wants to focus his efforts on addressing the drug issue, as well as acquiring body cameras for the sheriff’s deputies. – We ALL know how important a role of cameras would have played in the Garber case, I doubt what they made the public believe what went down would have proved a different result of punishment or Brian would still be here today?


Maybe we should be asking them how they will serve & listen to concerned citizens in light of the blatant attack on a Veteran in a public meeting. Surely was a result of recording in this building is what they dont like?


Justice for Mike Skidmore



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