Richland County deception politics as usual, do the people really have a choice?

Yes we know where Judges run unopposed and parties are just as CONfused as the people who vote for them, does anyone really know what’s going on or who we can vote for, or is it just a waste of time with the power, influence, and deception within the 2 party system?

One thing I can say for sure, the Democratic party is the best at deceiving the people on their unity. Hell, they may have been infiltrated by Republicans?

Richland County Democrats speak thru a Source, lets examine a few things shall we?

***After running into Democrat hopeful Ron Davis the other day I am CONfused more than ever IF we really have a 2 party system being he advised he is being backed by Republicans Ed Olson and Tim Wert. That’s ODD don’t ya think? Sure he said they were friends from way back, so why would we have a divide and such over friends vs party if the views of party differ so much? I advised this is WHY I like so many in this County are registered Independents, because the parties are not so much different and actually have a common goal, from what I have seen in the July 9th 2015 meeting as I told him I attended the common goal is not so much the interest of the public in which they serve! So I asked…how would you welcome the public back into their own meetings without feeling their voices are not heard “on the record”. That’s what I have “witnessed” in my attendance of these public meetings, they are “secret”? They either turn off the recorder or minutes of these meetings or they are offended when you bring in your own recording devices to share with the public what the media we have seen will not do. Ask “important” questions that regard the safety of the public and what they are doing with funding, much to their dismay when asked about the hiring of people in our County that can’t be trusted such as the FIRED BUTLER CHIEF OF POLICE who works for the corroner as an investigstor & FIRED STATE APA WORKER who also works as an investigator for the Prosecutor. These are positions of TRUST, should they not be handled by those the public trusts? No, I don’t know them personally, but IF you did a poll you would see the consensus in this County would agree, NO THEY SHOULD NOT BE WORKING IN THESE POSITIONS. Its also said the CAC Community Alternative Center has been hijacked by a former felon and their girlfriend, is this the best thing we can have at a facility that is suppose to bring people back to the community as productive citizens?

These are just some of the questions as a community building effort we need to ask ourselves as the heroin epidemic worsens after bringing in an antidote “narcan”. It appears the County has turned the fair City of Mansfield into a safe haven for bad behavior and danger to the rest of the community, when will it stop?

It will STOP when the people of Richland County say enough, and start holding these very elected official accountable, IF THEY CAN?

Another case and point is where this citizen journalist Mike Skidmore in my humble opinion was attacked for doing just that, holding these officials accountable. By attacking him and manipulating the media we once again see outsiders brought in so the people can’t hold justices feet to the fire. That’s right, Judge DeWeese is the Judge of record, yet he is not who we have seen speak to the media? Oddly enough since folks are now afraid to do public records requests due to the capture of Mr Skidmore we cannot see who or what has been signing the entries to much going on in the docket that the media does not cover. I have seen on this docket more than 30 days have gone by since Mr Shepherd filed his Amicus Curiae friend of the court brief 6/23/16, a motion for acquittal by Attorney Blazef 6/21/16 in which 30days have past.

Since then there was a a memorandum filed on the motion and a motion to strike Amicus Curiae both on 6/30/16 by the Prosecutor. By RULE this does not CLOSE THE CASE as we see it on the Clerks Docket – 30 days a response is due in writing aka ENTRY by a Judge – why is this not done in a timely manner than to simply waste the Courts and the peoples time?

Don’t believe the MP, you can research YOURSELF, the proof is here. Lookup Michael Skidmore or case# 2015 CR O664 – CASE CLOSED???? – I HARDLY THINK SO!



County Republicans push local candidates
 – Richland Source Perspective

Republicans choose Vero to run for Commissioner – Mansfield News Journal Perspective

Are you awake yet people? Time to start questioning those you trust, or not so much?

You say???? – Surely we may hear from Drew Tyler who wonders where you are.

Justice for Mike Skidmore

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