Richland County Commissioners said leave?, then the Prosecutor says these 2 could be charged with a crime for filming a public records request – REALLY????

Maybe there’s a misunderstanding due to exercising the right to remain silent under the threat of arrest, maybe? How ever after I spoke with the Commissioner it was said they were removed for loitering? The FACT is these two were recording a public records request because it’s been found the Clerks office has been compromised. In this request it was to pick up an acknowledgement that 15 records are MISSING from a case that allegedly proves the now Law Director being successfully sued while people in this building dance around the FACT that there’s an order to be fulfilled from a higher court in which nobody will enforce. This man needs the public’s backing and support in getting this order taken care of and the filming of this request is simply proof of how record tampering is being protected by those who are hired by the elected heads speaks volumes, you say????

5 13 15 records audit part two

5 13 15 records audit part three

There needs to be a meeting on this subject to assure other like minded citizens are NOT harassed performing this same duty and lawful action, no where in this building does it say camera’s are not allowed or OUR workers will be not be able to do their jobs because they are being watched? As TAX PAYERS we have the right to question where OUR money goes and I find it alarming they believe its none of our business? – Not until you try to make a public records request live on film that there’s a potential cover up in one of the BIGGEST scandals ever that Could cost a local Law Office MILLIONS in a default Judgement IF they would only fulfill the order from a higher court this man has. Speaking of “possibly” getting charged with numerous frivolous charges Matt Mayer speaks of here do they NOT realize the charges that can stem from BLOCKING JUSTICE?

In the coming weeks there WILL BE a request the Prosecutor, in this case when using the name Prosecutor we are saying Bambi Couch Page who needs to be addressed on the record in a public meeting with the other party alleged as saying these 2 are to leave and could be charged to explain to us, the people WHY?

I believe I know WHY they didn’t want a camera in this area that could go public as proof to how many can enter OUR Clerks office where records continue to be misplaced, filed, or in this case LOST! How can that be when this is where ALL records are safely kept, stored, and stamped as reliable in the Court of law. Do people know this is OUR ONLY separation of powers. For those not knowing what powers that is they are as follows – Executive, Legislative, and Judicial – How ever it is said the Law Director frequents this office frequently IF NOT daily. Could it be that he has access that is why Mr Shepherds 15 documents are missing from a case that involved Law Director John Spon? I don’t know about you, but I find it as interesting as all the records our suicide Prosecutor lost that he was keeping in his office disappeared? NOBODY questioning that little FACTOID either, hmmm? Interesting that he has 2 brothers now working security protecting what ever THEY are hiding?

Are we getting closer Drew Tyler?

You keep saying prove it, so we thought we will…

First we caught your ip addresses for when the Executive Branch wants to take a look at them, but you know that won’t happen because its the Executive Branch behind all the fraud, why else would 2 private citizens be attacked for requesting public records.

The BUCK STOPS at the camera, so now who’s ROTFLMAO Drew?

CONsider this one of the many ass whoopins coming your way!

Just look here, the Law Director was caught coming from the Clerks office, did we need a record stamped without the Clerk knowing? He was also confronted by the one who sued the Law firm in which he worked for prior to becoming Law Director, now in position to STOP legal action? Say what, a MUST WATCH –

Princess sky marshal buttercup and jon spon – Watch him run when challenged ON THE RECORD – LOL!



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5 Responses to Richland County Commissioners said leave?, then the Prosecutor says these 2 could be charged with a crime for filming a public records request – REALLY????

  1. Phil says:



  2. Phil says:

    I wonder where there anonymous mouthpiece is these days? Oh Drew Tyler, do you have any excuses or laws that can explain this kind of behavior out of those who work for us?

    I am looking forward to the day we meet so I can ROTFLMAO in your face – 🙂

    • Drew Tyler says:

      Again and again you show your ignorance because you are expecting me to answer for the actions of other people. I don’t work in any public capacity and yet you seem to continue to think ( and I use the word “think” very lightly because you rarely do that) that I do. Last I knew you stated that I was the now deceased former Prosecutor and since that is obviously not the case, I am someone who works in the city building. It’s ok though Philly because nobody really gives a shit one way or another what you think. That should have become obvious to you the many times you cried and whined to every law enforcement body in this state and they all did what I, and so many others have been doing for years, and that is ROTFLMFAO, over and over and over again. I love how your lack of insecuity has kept me a thorn in your side for so many years. How many nights you must have set home with the ole lady tipping the bottle wondering “when is Drew gonna appear again and what is he going to say next”. Unlike you, I actually have a business to run so I can’t spend all of my waking time on a cut and paste website (which by the way got another cease and desist letter lol) hoping to get someoe with some kind of sense thinking the same distorted way you do. All I can tell ya Philly, grow up, realize you are the loser everyone knows you are and for once, try taking care of your family and stop making us hard working, tax paying people do it.

      • Phil says:

        2 things for the so-called successful business man/woman apparently don’t know.

        1) is neither of us drink, 2) is I work to be free and why I don’t have to adhere to anything you or your friends say – You have TRIED for years to prove otherwise as you speak for your comrades in office so regardless IF you work for us or not you are still connected in some facet – more than likely profiting from the fraud is the only reason I can sum up for nobody without some skin in the game would worry what old philly as you say does otherwise. Have you seen the latest video’s of your buddies looking like fools? This time it was David Leitenberger and Johnny boys other nepotism brother Matt, if not check it out here – – you and your friends are pretty funny thinking you can take over the clerks office to do what ever you like – lol!

        Maybe we can meet for lunch someday do you can PROVE everything you say? Quite frankly not one thing you can do by my using your name in vain when you are asked to prove your your identity like these guys you hide, has me rotflmao when you say you’re not one of them just wasting your breath here NOT getting your way trying to for years to discredit my integrity. People know I am no saint, and they also know I am one of whats becoming many breaking the chains working or being CONtrolled by anyone. Maybe you can come to Thursdays meeting to speak publicly? Nah, you rather remain here in anonymous land where NOBODY knows who you are, where YOU have no credibility. Now you can take credit from my site going from 500 hits a day to 5000 because yes I have DEFEATED you as people say…you haven’t used your facebook in over a year PROVES you are now on the run – , you can STILL find me at ABC Warehouse slinging those washing machines cause in your feeble mind this does not constitute freedom? Maybe some day you can come forward and PROVE who you are, UNTIL then yes we will use you as OUR simple reminder to what’s coming to change around here. You kept saying prove it, well that’s EXACTLY WHAT WE THE PEOPLE WILL DO. Executive Branch Take Over? – Now that’s ROTFLMAO – YOUTUBE BUSTED BABY!!!! – One voter at a time, then its game over – 🙂

      • Phil says:

        The TRUTH in this? Drew is a metaphor for ALL he/she speaks for, then claims to be busy running a business? Must be a secret business cause NOBODY knows this Drew who speaks for the corrupt, this does say a lot you know?

        Drew Tyler, the truth be known a made up fantasy name that speaks for the corrupt who wont prove they really exist is far from a thorn and quite humorous. Thanks again for the limited laughs now that you say you’re focusing on your business? That didn’t stop you before when you were posting day and night, did it? My guess is you are remaining quiet for the most part because your business (crony capitalism) is suffering from the truth that is coming. You once said we are doing nothing? Silencing you is something, keep the laughs coming 🙂

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