Richland County Bicentennial: We found a way to prosper?

Richland County Bicentennial: We found a way to prosper

I’m just as curious as the many who work in this mecca playground that’s great for consumers? “We found a way to prosper?” – I wonder who the “we” is?

“WE” must be those who are capitalizing on Corporate Welfare, because it surely can’t be those I’m told who work these menial jobs. Who pays for your saving by having so much packed into one area?

It’s sure nice we have a place to go and SAVE big on the many things being sold out there that we no longer make. Interesting thought though is…I wonder how many really know how long they can sustain this when the National Debt soars because of this oppressive behavior? I know people who circle like buzzards shopping for that special deal to save money, do they realize at what cost this has to the American economy?

Did anyone else see how dismal Black Friday was this year? That’s a CLEAR indicator that Ontario if they don’t balance with some manufacturing they too will meet their demise. Surely Healthcare is not going to make anything better once that tax takes effect. I work in this retail mecca and know with the upcoming increases you are about to see more issues that will stem from folks paying MORE for un-affordable healthcare. The only way many of these retailers can keep these people working is though Corporate Welfare where employees enjoy supplemental income that stems from the Federal Government be it Welfare or Tax returns. What’s going to happen when .gov has to pass a budget to change this? That’s right!, folks will be forced to quit these jobs because they can’t afford to work just to pay for basic needs without some kind of retirement plan. This implosion may not happen soon, but as a realist you have to see it coming. People can no longer just hang on like they have since 2007 when this all started when the Fed finally has to make the tough decision and cut off the printing presses.

What’s your thoughts on Ontario; Will they ever recover from the closing of GM?

I believe it will be short lived as prices continue to erode and products need to be made cheaper because folks can’t afford them, just a matter of time before the American manufacturing we have left and public employees feel it’s wrath. Surely don’t take a PhD in finance to figure this out?

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