Richland County 2016 budget leaves me scratching my head, you say?

Sheriff’s budget dominates commissioners’ meeting

Some say I don’t have credentials to run for Commissioner, ok then…how about just remaining a citizen who questions the details. I am once again CONfused about something here?

This article says…

“The county’s total budget for 2016 was listed at $30,964,162 during Tuesday’s meeting. Commissioners discussed the Richland County Sheriff’s $4 million budget extensively, nothing they would meet with deputies in the future to further clarify budget needs.”

The Counties website says they manage a General fund of $20 Million, appears we are $10 Million over budget, what are we missing here?


“One piece of equipment in contention within the budget was the introduction of body cameras. According to John, $51,160 was included in the equipment line item for body cameras. When John asked if body cameras were needed, Wert commented that body cameras seemed to be “the way of the world.”

“If you consider what some of these legal cases have cost us, I think if we have a camera on an officer that would clarify what went on – in the world today when we watch TV, it seems to be they air out the facts that are sometimes not known,” said Wert. “I think many times the body cameras protect the officers as well as the people they are after.”

Not to be facetious but this is a serious issue that will need closely monitored. I agree for the most part with exception of scrutiny to who pays these lawsuits? I am told we the tax payers don’t pay for this in its entirety and not a big deal, now it is? CORSA  must be having issue with the number of Lawsuits out of Richland County more than anything and the focus should be on this! Being there are many executive sessions where the public is shut out there is suspicion there is much more going on we are unaware of? Seems to be a lot of secrecy going on regarding the citizens alleged actions from last July 9th when a security guard discharged his weapon in a public meeting, maybe cameras here should be part of the deal being they tried to take Mike Skidmores which caused the incident he is currently charged with.

If anyone knows the answer to the $10 million dollar question please advise, I am in the learning process for the main purpose of this Elected position which is to scrutinize the budget for those who pay for it, we the people. It is our right and duty to hold them accountable for the budget.

Being there are NEW RULES on how we can attend our own meetings any questions you may have can be asked here. I assure you they are watching, at a minimum one of their hired deceivers who reports on craigslist is and reporting back.

Thank you,

Phil Sydnor petitioning for the position of transparency in office!

Have you ever seen so many interested in running for office than now? May this trend continue as we the people work to get our voices heard!

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