Richland Co. drug crimes grew in 2013, yet no report if alcohol related crimes rose or not?

You have to laugh for every time you hear "drug crimes are up" - lol!

You have to laugh for every time you hear “drug crimes are up” – lol!

I find this a VERY interesting story to say the least, and I wonder when they will do one on alcohol related crimes? I read the Muni reports on the MNJ, I see 3/4 of the crimes reported as being alcohol related while driving a car to boot! Surely in these tough economic times you will find alcohol related crimes rising as well, so why not report this too? I would like to comment on this if I may, hmm? – why I have to do it here.

Once again we have a differing perspective on what this issues are here, and keep in mind this is nothing NEW. Drug offenses are up just as alcohol offenses are as well during tough economic times, don’t you remember Reagonomics? This economic program was selling arms to the contra’s for cocaine, hence the boom in the 80’s well into the 90″s, it all had to do with drugs being brought in. So, could we be in for another economic boom with the rise in drug crimes? I’m just curious in the case of Heroin how the stuff gets here from Afghanistan, especially when we had it surrounded several times by troops? Cracks me up that people can’t see who’s behind this? It’s simply sad that folks are oppressed enough to resort to the crap they can’t get away from; BOTH Drugs and Alcohol! – What else should make you curious here where drugs are on the rise why there’s NO REAL DRUG & ALCOHOL centers here? All we have here is groups who want to get you on disability and care for you until you die in one of their wanna be help centers we have posted up about the County.

“There’s a correlation between the thefts and the drug violations,” sheriff’s Maj. Joe Masi said. “We’ve got excellent intell that’s telling us the people out shoplifting are doing it to support their drug habits.”

I hate to tell Mr. Masi this…surely if he was 1/2 the Detective he thought he was he would also see a correlation between most of those caught stealing to do drugs is because they can’t get a job otherwise because they are REPEAT offenders who went from just doing drugs to now having to steal for drugs because they can’t get a JOB!  IF Drugs were 1/2 the problem we say it is these people would be LOCKED UP for their own good before like many have, KILL SOMEONE for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I suppose these shootings as of late don’t mean as much to you as those getting stolen from, could make one believe you’re not here to serve and protect all? Sales are how you get paid, since you take MILLIONS from your Community on the premise you will stop it, then by all means if you think adding one guy to Metrich then by all means do it!

You know how stupid that sounds??? Maybe while you’re at it you can bring Mansfields grade card up a bit too? – Education here stinks for a reason, fines and probation educate nobody – hello!

“Sgt. Jim Sweat isn’t optimistic about the immediate future.”

You’re not alone brother! …

Surely you know what needs to be changed – the Guard!

Richland Co. drug crimes grew in 2013

  • Terrie Nacke

    We’ll it don’t help when judges gives them the pat on the back and slap on wrist saying sorry you got caught don’t do it again.
    Then still get caught again and same old same old.
    They need to man up quit being whimps and do something instead of passing the buck.
    Drugs are not a problem as long as you pay the fine, leaves me ROTFL they call it a crime when they profit from it and do it themselves?  
  • J.d. Cook · Top Commenter

    “One of the things we noticed is the thefts are up, and the drug arrests are way up,” Sheriff Steve Sheldon said. “They’re up so much, which is why we put somebody out at METRICH.”One is left to wonder that if the feud that existed between the sheriff and the previous Mansfield police chief had not existed and the sheriff had worked with metrich, for the past few years, how many of the drugs would be off the street?

    I got news for you J.D. Cook, crimes are up period during tough economic times, surely if our reporter here did his research he would find Historical data to back that up? The Sheriff also said if he didn’t get the Sales Tax levy passed to take even more out of the local economy that CRIME WOULD SOAR, well guess what? – The Levy passed and crime (Actually Oppression) has risen and we are seeing it’s fruits. Anytime you RAISE TAXES on the premise of fear something may or may not happen, other things happen, and this is usually it!
    Maybe, just maybe – Drugs are not the problem when all they do about it is nothing? Surely IF they could stop drugs, they would?
  • Steve Bryant

    Here’s a suggestion. You know all those people that sell drugs? Why don’t you focus on them and THROW THEM IN PRISON. How many times I see them getting away with slaps while the users get ran through the mud. For pete’s sake it’s not difficult.
    Slapping on the wrist and saying this is a crime is a joke when these people can’t get jobs for their crime and we pay them when they can’t! That’s the problem I see and why folks don’t have to work, we are giving them an excuse to pay them when they can’t get a job. It’s cheaper they believe to just to make it a lucrative fine and go system that provides .gov with more services that don’t work i.e. probation, where these oppressed people eventually get escalated into violent behavior. Makes us real safe don’t it? I remember when you could go to a bar and not have to worry if some probationer is going to snap if they get caught violating probation.
     Sure drug crimes are up, crime in general is up too! – Be it Alcohol related, theft related, drug related, it all comes down to our Government not leading either by example or not creating a positive work environment. 
       Surely there has to be a better way, this says a lot about how well Drug Court is working, just another thing to make you say hmmm?

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