Review commission hears complaints, yet NOBODY shows up for the meetin’????

Mansfield police review commission hears concerns – story on Richland Source website questionable, why not post the compliments? Especially the one from Ohio Supreme Justice Maureen O’Conner – surely this is signed in ink, NOT rubber stamped by one of our Clerk workers who don’t like camera’s?

Surely this must be a mistake being there is nothing here about the complaints the people have with Officer Garn or how they have names and text messages from those who watched Rebecca Leicy die, yet THEY (MPD) do nothing!

“Following the approval of the meeting minutes, with no members of the community in attendance, Captain Snavely presented two complaints that had been investigated for the commission members to review.”


“The fifteen compliments came from Maureen O’Connor, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio, local residents, local businesses, the Raintree, schools, and the Prince George’s County Government where representatives from Mansfield PD participated in the survivor pick-up detail at Reagan National Airport.

Officers were praised for their professionalism, dedication and for maintaining a positive reputation for the Mansfield Police Department.”

What won’t receive praise I am sure is the job the Law Director and Prosecutor are doing ridding Mansfield of the criminals these officers apprehend, too many cops know the people they round up personally, that to me my friends is not positive!

Still scratching my head WHY none of the positive compliments were shared publicly?

I do compliment the MPD for swiftly firing the MPD cop of late busted in Lexington, or did they?

How ever MY lone complaint would be WHY Officer Garn IS STILL GETTING PAID AFTER 40 COUNT INDICTMENT?

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