Retrospectively speaking it would be nice to know who “planned” the attack in OUR public meeting?

Michael Skidmore suspected of planning courthouse fight, or was it the other way around????

For the FIRST LIE we have coming from a GO REPORT that was sent directly to the media following the shooting in our County Courthouse Building where these “public” meetings are held we have the Prosecutors Office depicting Mike Skidmore was told to leave, in the 10 minute video shared below you will see CLEARLY that was not the case even though the media who for what ever odd reason that attends every meeting was not at this particular meeting, another hmmm? Here is a copy of the GO REPORT that left the citizens who were there dumbfounded.

Mike Skidmore told to leave_Prosecutor from GO report (2016_03_10 14_45_22 UTC)

The SECOND LIE if you watched the 10 minute video where Mike Skidmore & Randy Shepherd explained how the executive sessions work is how we the public were misinformed of an executive session on the Agenda? Below are copies, the one we were given for the July 9th 2015 meeting and the one they gave us upon coming that day. As you will see the second lie is where they told us this executive session was scheduled from a week ago meeting? After checking the minutes they keep on their site for the public to review I found no where an executive session was discussed for that day, that’s odd? Are they saying they don’t publicize accurately what goes on in these meetings and WHY the public needs to attend to see what they are doing? I say yes you should, you would be surprised at the circus, sadly enough IF you look at minutes on their site it appears the public really don’t care? Not many reading them that’s for sure! – WHY???

Agenda given to media and citizens prior to July 9th 2015 meeting.

Email Agenda July 2015 (2016_03_10 15_45_38 UTC)

Agenda given to citizens the day of after taking time out of busy schedules, this is the fact when they not only told Mike Skidmore to leave, it was actually the only time they told him and others to leave and come back to “their” meeting after they were done?

Email Agenda July 2015_changed (2016_03_10 15_45_38 UTC)

This was a blatant attempt once again to impede the public from attending their meeting aka “public meeting” to raise questions on the record that involved issues such as the over kill of Brian Garber by the Sheriffs Department, WHY the Commissioners Bonds are not properly filed, and most importantly what caused this mess in the first place WHY those who work for us refuse to wear badges properly identifying who they are as you also see Mr Skidmore as asking in the video seconds before one without speaking attacks without warning or saying a word, what was that about?

Lets take a look at a few of these video’s the first being after discussing their agenda change was an inconvenience to the public they decided in agreement to allow us to attend and properly go into executive session on the record like they should, which you will see did not happen. Watch Commissioner Johns face as Randy Shepherd advises how executive sessions are called, its clear she disagrees any laws as Randy Shepherd advised were being broken. Something I feel that needs to be clarified is how executive sessions are called being I cannot get a straight answer or find a law pertaining to this. Lets watch this unfold shall we?

Ok, now lets rationally think this out! – It was said Mike Skidmore planned this fight? I disagree he planned this, how ever has mentioned he did not want to go back to ask anymore questions or do anymore public records requests due to how they handled him the month prior to this meeting in which it was known we were going to confront the issue of what they are hiding from the public in this building?

Here we have a fella that was recorded a month prior to the incident that clearly has something to hide and feels the questions Mr Skidmore was asking were none of his business? Mr Skidmore admitted he felt threatened and intimidated by the way they were acting while he was recording a public records request with Mr Shepherd. WHY would these people feel uncomfortable IF they were doing their jobs and had nothing to hide, that’s a valid question. You say??? – Please watch!

I find this guy, later to be found out is Matt Mayer who is now running for Sheriff appears to have something to hide? It also appears he is impersonating public officials being he was not forthcoming on who he was speaking for when asked, you say?

Oddly enough the guy Dave Leitenberger in the yellow shirt did say who he was and admitted he was not law enforcement before the video was cut and we go to the second video. He was brought to the stand as a witness this being the reason Mr Skidmore “planned” this fight, oddly enough or I am weird I don’t see anything here that would indicate Mr Skidmore planned this? I do see as embarrassment to the situation why “they” may have planned this to stop Mr Skidmore from recording their shortcomings with the public that lawfully enters their building as a way to educate people on how you can be intimidated by their behavior, sure looks that way to me anyways, you say?

To be honest like Commissioner Utt so admitted in the above video incident this may have been a storm brewing by someone, how ever I respectfully disagree with who the blame is placed on, citizens inquiring with questions they don’t want to answer on the record. Could be WHY they were NEVER called to testify as witnesses being they were there and Leitenberger wasn’t who was called on behalf of a plan that never was proved?

Here is an off the record meeting being the Commissioners turned off the recorder and called the meeting, so we recorded it anyways. Maybe this is what they feared and why the incident several months later happened? I don’t know, just a conspiracy theory like the Prosecutor in this case through out there, that Mr Skidmore planned this, then again maybe he did? Could it be his plan was not to physically harm anyone, but to expose what’s so secret going on in “OUR” public building. The Rotten to the Core CONspiracy theorists would like to know surely? Lets take a look, embarrassing to say the least may be WHY they attacked Mr Skidmore?

Yes, Mr Shepherd has been involved in most of this! It’s compelling to watch & see how they avoid this man from getting on the record? Could it be he has an open case that needs to be fulfilled?

Stay Tuned, the TRUTH is coming as we say. Tick Tick Tick as we wait with the only mouthpiece they have who will dispute anyone on the record “Internet” is Drew Tyler – Find Drew Tyler, find the TRUTH?

the truth

*fair use applies to the TRUTH 👍👍

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