Resignation of Deputy Dale Fortney now looms as one who wouldn’t drink the Koolaid as Richland Source paints a different picture today!

Fortney to be presented with highest volunteer service award

“Dale has been a positive influence in the community through his career in law enforcement.,” Heller said. – With EXCEPTION of the Resignation that left folks scratching their heads!!!!

Yes, this is NO APRIL FOOLS JOKE! In light of Mr Fortney’s resignation in 2013 surely now there are more questions to WHY he resigned? We waited for MORE as the now gone MNJ story depicted, BUT that never came. At first thought it was Major Dale Fortney was the dirt or had the dirt on the Richland County Sheriffs Department. As we move forward to the November Election do you trust we may get the dirt on all of this?

How can a man be working for what is suppose to be the most trusted Constitutional Law Enforcement Agency let go on a mystery of integrity issues to such a HIGH REWARD in the Scouts?

Interesting to say the least, STAY TUNED as the Election looms around the corner, WHAT’S NEXT IS BETTER THAN WHO’s NEXT?

WOW! – The TRUTH did come out about Major Fortney, and THEY wonder why they have lost the public’s trust?

Remember when the MNJ said the MP had to CEASE & DESIST copy and paste references to their poppycock articles and I advised my reasoning was because I could not reference their links because they expire ruining the blogs? Well, above is proof of such article mysteriously disappearing like I said, read the blog, try their link, oops story gone? Yes, that’s how a media company should roll?

Deception or simply deep 6ing stories once they served a purpose on the short memories in Richland County? Well my friends, thanks to the Richland Source we can now go back and ponder WHY we never heard the end of the resignation by what is depicted here a great man?

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