Reports of Tragedy @ Pleasant Hill Dam, could it have been avoided if ones brothers keeper was around?


“According to Ashland County Sheriff’s Office, several teens were reported jumping into the dam’s spillway on Thursday, and later returned on Friday with some of their friends.” – It’s tragic alright that who watched and reported did not report to the kids the DANGERS of jumping into dangerous waters after the latest rains. Surely they are second guessing themselves and have to live with WATCHING after reporting knowledge they were there the day before, came back, yet said nothing? Does anyone know if ANYONE WHO WATCHED reported the dangers to these kids?   

Very sad to say the least, what can you say about such a tragic event as the MNJ appears to report the one who jumped in 1st was ironically saved by a nearby fisherman who stuck out his pole?

Two Drowned, One Hospitalized in Pleasant Hill Dam Accident

 Family receives closure as teen boy’s body recovered

Though Smart couldn’t provide details about which of the three teens jumped in the spillway first, he said the male jumped in fully clothed to try to rescue the other two, one of which was wearing a bathing suit.

“He died trying to rescue somebody,” Smart said.

The families set the story straight Sunday.

Ernst’s older sister, Casey Ernst, said her sister was the first to jump in at the spillway. When she started to struggle, Cochran jumped in to help her, followed by Weyhmeller. Cochran’s mother confirmed the order as well, saying her daughter has been harassed about the incident since Friday, but she was only trying to help.

“Everyone is blaming her,” Wynn said. “There just happened to be a fisherman nearby, and he stuck out his pole for her. That’s why she’s here.”

Richert said the teens came to the area Thursday and were reportedly jumping in the spillway. They returned Friday with other friends.

No swimming is permitted in that area, Richert said.

Pleasant Hill Dam drowning

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2 Responses to Reports of Tragedy @ Pleasant Hill Dam, could it have been avoided if ones brothers keeper was around?

  1. deborah says:

    Regardless of the order, this whole situation is sad. Goes to show that no matter how many times you do something, no matter how comfortable you are; it just takes ONE mistake for things to end badly. And shame on whomever is blaming that poor child for this horrific accident. Exactly how is this her fault? She was just trying to help her friend. I pray for the families involved, ALL of the families that they can quickly find peace with this.

    • Phil says:

      No doubt about it Deborah this is just one of many life’s lessons these kids will learn in a town that rather pacify than teach their children. If blame is to be made we should blame those who watched and said nothing – thanks for your comment.

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