Report: School poverty, test scores closely linked – ROTFLMAO!

Report: School poverty, test scores closely linked

SORRY!, Nobody commenting?

Here’s mine since we all know I am banned from laughing at this “poppycock”

Since 2007 job loss and family health issues our daughter has remained FOCUSED and is an A-B Student going to a school where many have where she has not, so don’t feed us this BOLOGNA, putting it nicely!
What Mansfield needs is a LESS sense of entitlement and MORE of a sense of what THEY can do about it! MONEY IS NOT THE ISSUE as many have found when they have left this excuse driven district. The REAL PROBLEM with Mansfield City Schools can be found if they simply look at their bigoted leadership!

The REAL problem is…there’s NO REAL SENSE OF “TYGER PRIDE” – This is what happens when you give people things for years, take it away and see how hungry they get! – This will SURELY motivate folks to do more than simply wind up in the local Prison system where once again they have it better than what the leaders of Mansfield provide.

Wake up people, you are just becoming a revolving door of what Mansfield has become. The question I ask those who feel this sense of entitlement, will you die IF your so-called leaders quit feeding and housing you? – The ANSWER IS NO!, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. You know what happens to those who believe they deserve something for nothing, that’s right! – JAIL!!!!!

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