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This guy is creepy

Date: 2012-07-26, 1:51PM EDT
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Phil is responding to people’s posts via email now. He thinks that everybody is dumb enough to reply back to his email so he can collect their email address. He must really be in a tight spot with his job and all. He’s getting desperate. If you posted in R&R and you get an email from somebody about that post, don’t respond to it because then they will know your email address. If you feel the need to reply, just post it in R&R, he’s still reading it.

He said he was going away from R&R. I guess he wasn’t telling the TRUTH.

This craigslister who has said “our boss” is not an employee @ ABC Warehouse, and we are hoping he writes more rants and rages with slander that includes the companies name. They are on notice and the BCI is ready. This person thinks I’m dumb enough to reply to their ads?, I don’t think so, and if they want a response from me, they will have to do it here!. 
Like I said…I am not done with craigslist because it’s store policy, I’m done out of respect for the store and hope they continue their rants without my fuel. Then people will see this is nothing more than how a disgruntled FIRED APA SUPERVISOR responds to the one who’s responsible for getting the humbling TRUTH out about him – who else would be dumb enough to stick their neck out for him?; his old boss Dave Leitenberger?…I don’t think so!

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