Real Oath Keeper Sheriff Mack Tells it like it is. Where’s OUR Sheriff in Richland County on this?

Former Sheriff Mack speaks here on youtube – MUST WATCH!!!

We the few here who have HAD ENOUGH of the tyranny in our Courts have asked our local executive branch to call OUR Sheriff Steve Sheldon to OUR MEETING ON THE RECORD, we gave him 2 weeks notice to address the Brian Garber shooting and yet he refused to show, said we can come to his den of corruption? Yet who there can we TRUST? The majority of citizens I talk to say NOBODY! I don’t believe that, the issue becomes FEAR – FEAR of losing a good paying job that nets modest homes of $200k plus on a Deputy’s salary? That’s interesting and possible! – how ever there is speculation or differing perspectives on how its possible that need to be clarified, it is by law our right to know those who work for us can be trusted. When they come to and call your work to intimidate I say NO!  We have spoken – Who is we? – check their minutes of the meeting on October 16th, we shared what was said and the answers they gave. Who will join us or oppose us is the next question, or will you or are you ok with WHO’s NEXT?

Don’t like what’s going on and want enlightened on the perspective you can join us on facebook here – Mansfielders Perspective Group.

Please share your perspective here or join our group and discuss on this thread there. Posted today – March 2nd, 2015

You like what this Sheriff has to say, lets see if ours agrees? He after all tells everyone he’s an Oath Keeper, we simply say PROVE IT! – Right Drew Tyler?, their anonymous mouthpiece who once opposed this group that the Sheriff also refuses to unveil identity?

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