Read it while you can, memories are short and we are told by Gannett we can’t copy & paste for future reference when the story changes!; Retired officer get’s indicted, surely he will be afforded no jail and will keep his pension?

Bingo flap leads to indictments

William Clemons retired of late from MPD gets Indicted!

Better ready quickly, just informed we cannot archive here because it does not afford the news to change, considered copyright infringement. Interesting don’t ya think coming from a News agency that prides itself on “Freedom of Speech”, but CENSORS anyone who has an opposing view? Surely this is more about opportunity and political pressure, why else would ANYONE not like this site?

That’s right, TRANSPARENT ISSUES!!!!

I hope this is better for Gannett, after all I did not copy & paste – ROTFLMAO! – as their fearless leader and made up facebook user Drew Tyler used to say!

Have a great day my friends, still waiting on the official knock at the door, that’s how it all started for the fella who really exposed prostitution in the area who’s now in jail. Still laughing at this unofficial letter received of late via e-mail –

Notice how THEY wanted me to sign a blank piece of paper, something I noticed they do at the Clerk of Courts. Sorry, not falling for that again.

If you don’t like this, PLEASE COMMENT; I would love to hear your justification – PUBLICALLY!

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