Rant & Rave flagged & removed; RE: Mansfield Persp./C-list/ Facebook (CENSORED BY ME – REALLY?)

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RE: Mansfield Persp./C-list/ Facebook (CENSORED BY ME – REALLY?)

Date: 2012-07-06, 7:30AM EDT
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So, you say I have been CENSORING you here? – lol! I have NO CONTROL over this site, and I am not sure why you’re getting flagged!. It’s like the MNJ excuse, I don’t monitor, so I am not responsible.

Now, IF you want to refute my facebook or MP site – why do you not join and do it there? – You will see “I do not CENSOR”, but I or others may respond in a way you’re not used to. If you have a PROBLEM with wild accusations or what ever, then point them out there and prepare for your answer like everyone else.
Here are the links to BOTH sites I have control over, IF you don’t want CENSORED, I suggest you comment there. You don’t have to share who you are on the MP site, unlike facebook – so IF you comment there, please advise you are the craigslist complainer and we can finish this dialogue there.

I am not responding to those here who share falsehoods about me that won’t share who they are, there’s a REASON for that; I could sue IF I could prove damages, but so far what they have said has brought me MORE BUSINESS to where I work. Folks other than yourself know the truth in what I say, how do they know? – they have actually came out to where I work.

I won’t respond anymore to you here, craigslist is about a waste as posting on the MNJ site where you have to repeat and you sound redundant. My site is setup much better for dialogue and it’s easy to follow. See you there, where YOU WILL NOT BE SILENCED! – PEACE!

MP on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/112700505521062/ MP on the web – http://www.mansfieldersperspective.com/

MP blog shortcut – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/

I just added your craigslist to the MP blog, so much for being the one who CENSORS you – lol!, see it here – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/?p=362

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