Randy Shepherd vs Child Support Enforcement Agency for Public scrutiny, did justice prevail or will it?

After nearly 6 years of avoiding justice in this case Judge Brent Robinson now disqualifies ones self because of CONflict of interest as Prosecutor then? Here are documents shared on the MP Question Politics page for the public to scrutinize here.

Between all the elected heads since 2008 Mr. Shepherd has been chasing a legal sham process that may be coming to head as the case NOW moves forward to the Honorable 10 Commandments Judge DeWeese???

Here is what we have to scrutinize…

Randy Shepherd case files for Case No. 2008_cv294 – Mind you Robinson worked as Prosecutor staff in 2008 who refused to Prosecute?

Case No,2008_cv294_pg1

Case No.2008_cv294_pg2

Meantime CORSA Invoice found showing Judgement of overage paid? – Yet Richland County Commissioners can’t find the check Randy did not receive? – Mr Shepherd found this record I do believe in a file they thought he would never see, an Invoice that CLEARLY depicts the County was given an Invoice from CORSA so they could pay him. This was brought to the attention of the Commissioners on numerous occasions until being formally documented at the October 16th 2014 Commissioners meeting in which Commissioner Olson took it upon himself to get to the bottom of this, still to this day no avail with exception to chase CORSA a private entity for answers?

November 17th Judgement Entry by Judge Robinson to disqualify himself in the matter (Conflict of Interest?) – Never mind this was April, not filed until November? WOW! – are they really saying the Clerk of Courts has this big of a bottleneck for filing?

November 24th Corrected Judgement Entry for proper English usage for disqualifying ones self from the case, how does one legally correct a Judgement Entry?

Appears we have a fraud by our NEWLY Elected Judge 2 months before he officially takes office by the people for the people?

Your thoughts on this legal mess please!!!!! – THEY say hire another Attorney…

Now that’s ROTFLMAO – huh Drew Tyler?


Links to source in which many frauds can be found…


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