Randy Shepherd throwing hat in the ring for Clerk of Courts 2016 as an Independent, folks on facebook starting to rally!

Politics in Richland County has not seen anything like this in many many years, have the people had enough???? – Ordinary people running for office speaks volumes, they say the people have no credentials to speak for the people? –  Interesting! – I thought that’s where the VOTERS come in?

Well I’ll be, Randy is moving forward with his endeavor to clean up the Clerks Office, Interestingly enough we need to support this!

Who is this guy? Well, he’s at least one citizen will to stand up for the truth in public records is what it appears to me. By the looks of those who he and Mike Skidmore have made uncomfortable I believe they have scratched the surface of what’s wrong here?

Sure has to be something to this being their mouthpiece on craigslists rants and raves if afraid to come here and post, afraid to expose who they really are on the premise that the MP is nothing more than a group of convicts, really? Like I promised this hide behind keyboard narcissist, the truth shall prevail and it may be coming sooner than they think? You think those posts on R & R are something, you should see the emails I get from them trying to dash my character. Laughable as they proclaim their own success here, WOW!



Micki Neal

Micki Neal Where can I find your petition to sign? I’m in. Let’s get some good people in office.

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Sean A. Vincent

Sean A. Vincent His spelling and grammar is gut-wretching, but I’d vote for him if I could 😬

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Slenna Graber

Slenna Graber All I can say is turning over fines to collections but still collecting every single cent, trying to make it look as if the collection agency is profiting from it. Wrong fraud an deception.

Phil Sydnor

Phil Sydnor His spelling and grammar may not be the best, but I assure you he would do the job he is suppose to! Scrutinize for completion and that the records that are filed are properly signed and stamped. Has anyone seen the files our clerks have been accepting for years???? The best way to stop fraud is to stop it here first! This is their baby and why I believe they tried to kill Mike Skidmore, he and this guy were EXPOSING the fraud within the clerks office with their public records requests. Surely if more people would do this they would see this is the key to the plea deal and keeping the Judges from getting involved. In other words how they fleece people who don’t know their rights or how a proper system works. Read the LAW, Ohio Revised Code, this is no joke! From the Sheriff to these Commissioners and many others in office I am confident they are not properly bonded. Another question they would NOT allow to be asked on the record in this public meeting. Why?, because it would become public knowledge

Phil Sydnor

Phil Sydnor The beginning of problems, public records requests being recorded. Explanation here of one fraud that included now Mansfield Law Director John Spon when Randy sued and won by default his old Law firm, ask Randy about that? The rubber stamped it into silence in another Court. Surely this is why Randy wants control of the stamp?https://youtu.be/il7nTU7lKaA

Public Records Request Audit. Randy and bigmike101202. What should, could, and…
Phil Sydnor
Phil Sydnor Interesting enough on the same day Law Director Spon comes out from the Clerks office, hmmm? Then he is caught on video after being questioned, runs!!!

Phil Sydnor

Phil Sydnor Then we all know what happens from here, they send in security because they don’t like their fraud being recorded.https://youtu.be/YYx67oVTgwc

Randy asked me to video his latest public record request. things were fine, wait for…
Phil Sydnor

Phil SydnorThen after the don’t need to know who I am Sheriff hopeful returns from talking to the Prosecutor, we can only assume Bambi Couch Page since once again he dodged the question its all we have? Funny how it all appears as a CONspiracy being the Law DirecSee More

at the end of part two, our intrepid freedom activists were threatened by the…


Comment NOW people, or forever hold your peace!!!!

It’s high time we start holding elected officials accountable for “Rotten to the Core”IF you are one who believes in this stuff! – We say the TRUTH is coming, but when?

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