Randy Parker, Children Services part ways – Why???, is what this should read!

MANSFIELD — The Richland County Children Services board approved a separation agreement with Executive Director Randy Parker today.

The vote was 11-0 on the separation agreement and mutual release of claims. Board member Pam Siegenthaler was absent.

On May 16, the board voted 6-4 to place Parker on paid administrative leave, but did not give a reason. Parker, who has been with the agency since August 2002, will continue to be on paid leave until Aug. 8.

 The board and Parker issued a joint public statement, which read, in part, “Randy Parker has served as the executive director of Richland County Children Services for 10 years with many accomplishments that have strengthened the agency and benefited its constituency during his tenure. Nevertheless, Mr. Parker and RCCS acknowledge that change in leadership is inevitable, and that after a successful decade together, it is time for their affiliation to come to a conclusion.”

 For more on this story, including details of the separation agreement, see Tuesday’s print and online editions of the News Journal.

Written by
Mark Caudill
News Journal

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8 Responses to Randy Parker, Children Services part ways – Why???, is what this should read!

  1. buckeyesyd says:

    Hey Drew, here is just one comment of MANY I am getting on these blogs. I guess you are alone with Ms Spears, your spin is not helping your cause!

    “This is my first time I have visited here. I found a lot of interesting information in your blog. I guess I am not the only one who noticed this! keep up the impressive work. :p”

    • buckeyesyd says:

      I bet Drew will say another made up user by me made this comment, talk about someone with dilusion, it’s my stalker friend who shares nothing but comments that will eventually get him in trouble. But then again, like his friend Mayer he thinks he’s above it all – lol!

      We’ll see….

  2. buckeyesyd says:

    It is true that I am friends with the sex offender and ex-wife of John Mayer, but they are NOT the ones who got him fired, He did that himself. Do you realize how hard it is to lose a State job?, and now 2 who are friends of this perverted system have done it!. My friend did not do anything to your friend Mayer, he did it to himself with his OWN track record, or shall I say “obsession” he needs help with (younger women). His ex-wife was NOT the first he’s had problems with, so unless you know otherwise I would be careful who you do battle with here, for you will lose my friend.

    Just an FYI – Byron is just an associate of https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/112700505521062/ who has shared his case in which he has won, or as Ms Spears says…was nolle. He was NOT convicted for the slander you share here, so IF I were you I would be careful which brush I use as I paint my picture, you’re dancing on rights you DON’T have, because what you share are NOT facts and haven’t been proved or Byron wouldn’t be going to Prison over something he said for a short time that he said to an officer. He would be going to Prison for a LONG time in my view IF you were right, right?. I would find it a shame IF what you and Ms Spears shares that a man ONLY gets 3 years for something as horrendous that you 2 share, right?.

    So come on Drew, if anyone has an obsession and needs “Professional Help”, it is someone who continually repeats crap that will eventually be their demise. I think you are on that path, for I only share facts, something you rarely share!

    Then, can we say…Was it worth it?

  3. Drew Tyler says:

    Perhaps the McBride lawsuit is just part of why RCCS decided it was time to boot Parkers ass to the door. He is only leaving with a 42k severance package and that is it. He doesn’t get no huge amount of money to live for years off of, because he has been doing that for years. He snubs his nose at the system, does as he pleases, ignores court orders, thinks he can do whatever he wants and is above the law. I think the number of times he has gotten RCCS involved in lawsuits has finally opened the new board of directors eyes and they decided enough was enough and told him to go do what he does best…nothing.

    • buckeyesyd says:

      Wow – why would the MNJ print such a track record?. I am thinking maybe Parker was tired of how the Courts abuse their power which got them in trouble?. Do you remember John Mayer, he tried abusing childrens services by having his ex-wife investigated several times for no good reason. What he was mad about is, Parker and staff found NO WRONG DOING! – That’s why DeWeese is still hanging by a rope in a Federal case and is about to be announced in another Lawsuit involving one of his pet projects. These lawsuits were not generated by CS wrong doing, these come from Court orders that are Un-Constitutional in which CS became the fall guy!. Why else would they part ways with such a nice send off?, McBride is pissed because he’s friends with the Mayers and was a big part of this tyrant brigade. I’m thinking the TRUTH will be coming out on how the Parker / McBride thing came to a head.
      I’m thinking unless the Courts quit giving ridiculous orders, the Lawsuits will keep coming. I don’t believe Parker was the reason, especially since this article said he did such a great job?. Are you saying Drew that this is all poppycock?, ONLY time will tell and now this blog will be a reminder to you when the lawsuits don’t stop!. After all Dave Leitenberger is on the board, another friend of the Mayers – lol, NOTHING is gonna change, he was given this position when the State rid him like they did John. People are SEEING what’s going on – wake up bud!

      • Drew Tyler says:

        It was Parker who thought he was above the law when he blatantly disobeyed a valid court order and then lied. He was ordered by the Judge to turn over a videotape and did not immediately tell the judge the tape had allegedly been videotaped over. He then ordered his staff not to divulge that little piece of information and it wasn’t until he was held in contempt that he brought that piece of info to light. You like to lump everything that goes on into the DeWeese/Mayer saga and the truth is, your obsessed. You need some real professional counseling. You think that everything that happens to anyone that works in Richland County is somehow tied into this because Mayer and your convicted sex offender friend had issues with each other. You seem to take issue with people to lie about things but you don’t have any problems when it comes to your “friends” telling lies such as your recently convicted stalker, prostitute seeking friend, Byron. Oh thats right, it wasn’t his fault he was such a loser he couldn’t even get shit right with a prostitute. It was the prostitutes fault and it was everyone convering shit up but him. He is the one telling the truth and everyone but him…and of course you…are lying. How the hell do you lay your over inflated egotistical head down on your pillow to sleep? roflmfao

        • buckeyesyd says:

          Drew, IF what you proclaim here is true, then why is Parker getting this nice send off and NOT getting charges brought up against him?. Why is he getting money $$$$ to go away quietly?.

          You’re a funny man, and the ONLY person here who has an obsession is YOU with me. A person you DON’T know, but have made MANY defmatory comments about, and where I work. Why does someone who don’t know the other do this who supposedly has no ties to local corruption?. This is what concerns folks, and now with NO Professional background you are requesting by opinion that “I need some professional counseling”. Sure glad you’re an expert on obsession, because it certainly points to what you have, an obsession with me for no good reason. I actually have enough to fry your ass and if I was a pusillanimous like you I would do it!. People like you will not deter the facts I share, for certainly IF it was anything else I would have had a knock at the door by now. This won’t happen!, why? – I have too much saved that would certainly implicate more wrong doing by the before mentioned by you and their crooked friends, some who are involved in this and why it ALL relates. Their empire is crumbling my friend, and the more we share here, the more the Feds keep looking as they watch from a far. I want to thank you for that, you’ve been a great help in what is changing this County! – Cuyahoga we are not????

  4. buckeyesyd says:

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · Public Scrutiny
    Hell with this!, I wanna hear more on the McBride DEFAMATION LAWSUIT!. This is what the taxpayers wanna hear about. Maybe when that happens will find out really why Mr Parker is leaving?, it surely can’t be on these terms, these are people you keep!.

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