Question for the Major crimes of Richland County Sheriff’s office unit on the Hull road body found.

First if you like you can read Lou Whitmire’s report on this here, then come back to respond. Then again NOBODY will respond because they are scared their perspective will take them out of the club that makes this all possible. The silence around here is deafening when everyone acts surprised, yet cares not and goes about its business as one by one we lose good American citizens who for one season can’t be rehabilitated, yet we throw MILLIONS of dollars at a problem that only seems to be getting worse!

What kind of charges would you like to file on these 3 people? I’m curious because the way I see it there’s PLENTY of blame for this to go around.

The parents knew their kid was more than likely somewhere doing drugs, and like the Garber family more than likely could not get help. Now like Brian Garber leaves behind kids to be raised by one parent, in today’s World that spells DISASTER!, and we wonder why society is out of control? Maybe like the Deputy WHO MURDERED the Garber boy we too should look at these 3 people as a HERO and say “Problem Solved”, and move on silently instead of looking to charge them for something beyond ANYONE’s control here. There is plenty of abuse around here and it ALL stems from OPPRESSION and the lacking of REAL EDUCATION needed to survive in this world. All I’m getting from today’s education is people moving up the ranks to be even bigger narcissists and sociopaths to protect themselves. Many knowing IF you’re not in the club, you are left behind.

So, IF you want to seek charges on ANYONE, maybe look at those today we can no longer afford to pay who are sworn to SAVE US ALL from ourselves, as we have been seeing they should be commended on a job well done! This man was known for drug problems, just as one (an alcoholic) who was run down and murdered by one of your own we should just say “problem solved” and move on.

Sending them to drug court won’t work either!, willing to bet this man has already been there done that, and just like the latest with Brian Garber we need to simply say…”problem solved”

IF we are to seek charges, we should seek charges on the leaders who would rather seek silence, NOT solve the problems we have today. IF we want to BUILD COMMUNITY we need to start with picking these people up, not locking them up! After all another one of your own was a pill popper himself, yet Judges others? That’s working as well as having the other guy cram his 10 commandments down your throat as he plays God in which depends on how deep your pockets are?

This County has ISSUES, you want to point fingers, POINT THEM AT YOURSELVES!

The PRIVATE citizens are tired of being attacked and oppressed, yet the WAR is waged on the wrong people. Eventually you will pick on the wrong people and all hell’s gonna break loose! – Thank you, because you’re doing such a good job…just take this death as just another “problem solved” – After ALL, charges should be filed on your own, yet the people are yet to see it!

When you finally wage the war on your own narcissists and sociopaths, we can then truly say…PROBLEM SOLVED????

Seeking charges for something that could ONLY been prevented by the one who died is simply ludicrous! Now, IF you can PROVE he was a victim of something more than circumstance, by ALL means PROSECUTE without prejudice! – That means – NO DEALS!!!!

The Devils Advocate is back!


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