Public Hearings on Richland County Tax Increase, have issues or CONcerns?

Two public hearings are scheduled:

Utt emphasized, “We don’t want to leave [the increase] on permanently; it’s just for a 12-month period.”

There will be two public hearings that are set for April 7 at 9:30 a.m. in the commissioners’ boardroom and April 14 at 6 p.m. at the Longview Center.

Reported by Richland Source‘s Emily Dech

The total amount of requests submitted by Richland County departments for 2015 were $33,379,661.35 with a revenue certification from the Budget Commission of $27,300,318.45 and a difference of $6,079,342.90.

Commissioners approved $27,291,612.86 in general fund appropriations, $5,115,822 in Richland County Jail fund appropriations and $752,043.70 in Richland County Community Alternative Center fund appropriations???

John commented, “It’s easy to say, ‘Why don’t you just cut out a department?’ But we as government are required to have certain services. Just simply cutting out a department, as easy as it might sound, we can’t legally do.”

– Is the Community Alternative Center one of those places legally you can’t cut? As a citizen I find the people funding a cash cow that is said to have many other alternative payment methods in place something that should be cut that I am unwilling to fund. Why do we have to pay for a place where folks who have broke the law get to go instead of PRISON??? This is just one way to cut State costs and put them onto the local folks,is that fair when we are law abiding citizens? I work in the community that will be directly effected by taking another $3 million plus out of. Like I have lobbied before the local folks are already fighting over the crumbs and this will make it even WORSE! This INCREASE sounds small on a small scale, but you have had 3 CONsecutive increases based on the same premise, usually EMERGENCY permanent? This time how ever we are depicting a rainy day fund during tough times for the locals who have NO RAINY DAY FUND who are also collecting large tax refunds hence why funding is getting cut locally. Do people not understand there is PLENTY that can be cut, like 20 year retirements, double dipping cronies some of which are said to be collecting disability while still working? How much of this funding goes into the retirement fund? Why do we hire FIRED STATE WORKERS or FELONS in these facilities the funding is needed for? 

These are ALL questions that need to be answered, yet NOBODY is willing, too busy working, or simply care because the Kardashians are on?

Call me crazy all you want, the reality is the people in Richland County are getting RIPPED OFF by a very crooked system in which many do not question, POLITICS & Following the money! There are certainly ways to cut spending or ways to fund these things, some of which I AM SURE ARE NOT LEGALLY BOUND, like the CAC joke on the people. 

Don’t forget to post your arguments and questions below, maybe someone will show up to represent the people? Our Elected appear to be just looking out for themselves while the rest around here make the cuts to their OWN budgets while they live high on the hog, sound fair????


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