Prosecutors will review ex-cop’s case

Prosecutors will review ex-cop’s case

If there’s anything I would question about this story it’s this!

“In 2011, King had two appeals of his case denied. Recently, however, Richland County Assistant Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page told the News Journal that she and Prosecutor James Mayer Jr. would review the case. Neither was involved in the prosecution.” – Come on?, James is the Elected head and you are his closest mouthpiece and you want us to believe neither were involved in the Prosecution? This sounds like the case of his brother who was fired in which you watched him leave the Fox after drinking 4 beers in an hour in which under oath it was said he did not discuss his earlier events of the day? I find it hard to believe you 3 would sit there and not discuss his seeing what he calls a violent sex offenders car at his ex-wifes home. I didn’t beleive that BS, and surely don’t believe you had no knowledge of this either! Do you people think there are not folks out there who can see through this? – Politics in this town are catching up with all, can’t wait to see if I am right when this comes to light. Sure it’s MY perspective, and I’m sticking to it!


Once again I see on facebook it shows there are 16 comments, but only 12 show????

I am curious to why the MNJ STILL CENSORS now that they use facebook? Surely they don’t think if they allow for those to speak their perspectives on the issues that they would be held responsible?

  • Rick Rush · Top Commenter · Works at Ohio DRC

    I have talked to Maurice King 111 and wholeheartedly believe in his innocence and for a innocent man to do anytime in jail is Unjust ! can you imagine Maurice’s Nightmare being locked up for a crime he did NOT commit and being a police Officer on top of that ! I worked the Ohio Prison system for 22 years and he is very fortunate the inmates did not find out he was a police officer or he would of have a different outcome ! This man is only asking for Justice to be done to clear his Good Name and be restored of what he has lost ! This is something any of us would want done if we were innocent ! GOOD LUCK MAURICE !!!
  • Karlie Gray · Management at Von Maur

    oh Christ and this guy here, come on Maurice you know you phucked up so go lay down!!!!!
  • John Hess · Top Commenter · Crestline, Ohio

    King said he called metrich….that alone should prove he’s innocent …wasn’t the sheriffs office busted for setting up people with snitches before? I remember the one deputy was charged fore making false statements to a grand jury….. but the sheriff kept him on saying he was a good man….I hope justice wins out not richland county but true justice…can’t understand how someone like bosco can remain a deputy, when the att. gen. wont have anything to do with him….
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    · 3 hours ago

    My response to this is you need to look closely at who’s always behind these stories in the MNJ, the only thing I question is who reports this stuff when we always find those who refute it being censored???? 

    Written by Mark Caudill News Journal – Interesting factoid!!!!! – Now, if Lou Whitmire was involved with the story I would take the content more seriously. (Serious) – This fella is the same guy who also lobbied for the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR to get his job back, how did that work out when we have this site to refute it?
  • Jessica Robertson · Sales Professional at Fred Meyer Jewelers

    So Tommy are you saying that you was told to lie?
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    · 13 hours ago

  • Tina Johnson-Watts · Madison Comprehensive High School

    I removed the post from my sister do to other family members request.
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    · 14 hours ago

  • Tommy Thompson · Clear Fork High School

    Put your ass on the line and have them try and threaten u with lunch10 yrs for nothing see how many of you will do what your told
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    · 14 hours ago

  • Tina Johnson-Watts · Madison Comprehensive High School

    That last comment was from my sister, Reece’s Mom, Deb Cunningham who lives in Indiana. She does not do Facebook.
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    · 16 hours ago

  • Jessica Robertson · Sales Professional at Fred Meyer Jewelers

    Super excited for the truth to finally shine through!!! We love you bubby!!!
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    · 20 hours ago

  • Celeste Russell-Guiler · Works at MACC dental instructor

    He has a strong support system his wife is a wonderful person and I’ll be so happy for them when he is cleared!!!!!!
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    · 20 hours ago

  • Steve Rush · North Central State College

    Cadillac Chevelle? the NJ needs to hire a better proofreader.
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    · 22 hours ago

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