Prosecutors see domestic violence ruling as a hurdle – Poor Prosecutors, I wonder why?

Prosecutors see domestic violence ruling as a hurdle

New court decisions place more emphasis on sharing finances

Maybe we need MORE who have been charged with this BOGUS LAW and how the Prosecution plays on peoples emotions, or the FLIP side of this one sided piece of crap article? How about those in these relationships who are charged, PAY ALL THE BILLS who don’t get to face their accusers and are REMOVED from the HOMES THEY OWN? I for one have been there done that! I had a pill popping Judge order protection and remove me from my home in which I paid for to allow someone just like him to stay there while I found my way otherwise. It’s HIGH TIME these Courts take a closer look at these Prosecutors who abuse their POWER. I find it hard to believe what is written in this crap of an article the sole reason why the 5th District Court made this ruling! Quite frankly I think it was made for just the opposite of what they are saying here!, to protect free loading bleep, bleep, bleeps who take your place while you work! I was appalled and disgusted with the Courts decisions in MY case along with disbelief that ALL OF MY RIGHTS were taken away!, mainly my right to a speedy trial and right to face my accuser. Yes!, I can BLAME my Attorney, and I did. I am glad the 5th District Court has made it HARDER on the Prosecution, MAYBE NOW THEY WILL DUE THEIR JOB? instead of playing games! It’s been over a DECADE in my case and as you can see they are paying dearly for it with my RETRIBUTION aka WEBSITE teaching others what has been going on here!

These PERVERTS OF THE CONSTITUTION need their nuts cut off, and I’m glad they were dumb enough to give me this opportunity to do it again after this plea in this local rag! Kind of makes me want to REMIND EVERYONE of the HEAD PROSECUTORS DRUNKEN FIRED APA SUPERVISOR BROTHER – WHOM BY THE WAY ABUSED HIS EX-WIFE with assistance from the Prosecutors office! NOBODY, I MEAN NOBODY wants to talk about that!, do they? Damn HYPOCRITES!…

Yes!, My name is Phil Sydnor aka Anthony Sydnor by Court records, I have one of those MM records that stemmed from a bogus charge of DV. Want to DEBATE this PUBLICLY Mr Prosecutor? – YOU CRY BABY’s NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME!

Let’s go!, come here where we can discuss in PUBLIC, not your hide behind closed door / keyboard system!  Your PUBLIC OUTCRY here is PATHETIC you money grubbing thugs!

“Richland County First Assistant Prosecutor Brent Robinson and others fear a recent Fifth District Court of Appeals ruling will make it harder for prosecutors to charge live-in boyfriends and girlfriends as domestic violence offenders if they aren’t helping to pay the bills.” – Yes!, but they STILL probably won’t have a problem charging those who own the property and are paying the bills when FREE LOADERS as they claim now make up phony claims when you threaten to make them leave, will he?  That’s what this is REALLY ABOUT, isn’t it Mr Robinson?

It’s time to REMOVE these people BEFORE someone really gets hurt! The INJUSTICE SYSTEM at it again, SPINNING what this is REALLY ABOUT!

You say I’m full of it? – Then come here and REFUTE my claims, or go cower like you people always do. Behind your CLOSED DOOR PLEA DEAL SYSTEM that you can NOW shove where the sun don’t shine!

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