Prosecutors office calls for executive session, yet still no answers why?

Come on Richland County! Are you NOT the least bit curious to why or even how our Prosecutor called “Executive Session” to a meeting in which it was not his or ours to call to order, let alone doing it publicly in the local paper just days before he kills himself by what was called suicide by hereditary? Something FISHY about this and once again the public says uh-huh???

A quick search on this blog site netted these results, yet we still have no answers. WHY? – Primarily because of what their spokesman from the MNJ called protected information by sunshine law, say what? The public SHOULD demand answers to how the Prosecutors office calls executive order for a meeting in which it is NOT their duty to call, let alone not show up to. Keep in mind James Mayer didn’t kill himself until days later in which NOBODY cares or is the least bit curious about?

Read these blogs to catch up, comment below if you’re curious or have answers. Surely the people need to assemble to get answers?

Executive Session search results

Richland County, Ohio ; Executive Session, yet those not elected attend?


Executive Session put on agenda by Prosecutors Office, yet we still don’t know the question and the people say…uh-huh????


The meeting everyone missed, or at least was left off the minutes?

Here’s the minutes, anything left out from the video?

October 16, 2014

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