Proof the WAR on drugs is a waste of time, money and resources. Just listen to ALL of these idiots!

Fight brews over drug probes

Safety concerns put sheriff, police at odds

This is a combination of a WHOLE crap load of naive officers who think they can take on a personal agenda to STOP something they are a HUGE part of. Many know officers with professional courtesy & immunity is the BLAME for why drugs WILL NEVER BE STOPPED! Let’s not forget WHY they will never deter folks for driving while intoxicated either! It DEPENDS on who you are, and the paper here is ALL the proof you need that it’s a problem, why do you think they attacked my site, my group, etc. for sharing this problem and educating people on their secrets.

Everyone knows Phil Messer, Steve Sheldon, James Mayer, and the young Sgambellone all have a connection to what we call corruption in the courts that is starting to unravel before your very eyes, this is only more proof of it! Their anonymous “Drew Tyler” who said NOTHING would EVER come if this, and those in our group would get no credit for exposing much of it was dead wrong. That might be true that we had nothing to do with the unraveling, but none the less we personally said this day of reckoning would be coming. These people are POWER hungry and have ALL been under fire since the FEDERAL case that was brought against them for their parts in it, with the exception of the Sheriffs department where Sheldon had one fair deputy speak out against the bother of the prosecutor who played a role in why much of this was happening. I am surprised though even though he was FIRED that things have not gotten better, interesting that they have gotten much worse!

“Dueling drug investigations are wasting money and police officers are in danger because Sheriff Steve Sheldon won’t communicate or collaborate on drug probes, recently retired city police chief Dino Sgambellone believes.” –

Fighting words I am sure even though it is true, how ever knowing there are liars in the system we must have one agency watching what the other is doing, you can’t have abolute corruption when we know one department is known to lie more than the other, which do you think does it the most? They BOTH have done it!

“Two METRICH veterans say Sheldon purposely ignores the agency because of grudges he harbors with former commanders. Sgambellone also expressed concerns in a recent letter to Richland County Prosecutor James Mayer Jr., asking him to intervene in the dispute.”

Sounds like a crybaby who can’t handle his own affairs to me, not something you would think needs to happen from one with an online PhD? Besides, we ALL know how James’ department if the BIGGEST offender of professional courtesy and abuse of immunity, remember his brother?

“One of the main concerns is safety,” Sgambellone said in a News Journal interview. “When we have groups of people that are considering enforcement issues in the same jurisdiction and you’re not on the same page, that can result in dangerous situations for law enforcement and the public.” – Then he SHOULD concede the drug probes to one who has the LARGEST jurisdiction and leave the City policing to you? The City police should be left to educating it’s people, as we see D.A.R.E. is not working well either by ALL of your admittance here?

“Secondly, it’s a resource issue. We’re all strapped financially. It’s not wise from a fiscal perspective.” – Then WHY did the City announce buying NEW cars for patrolling after STEALING more from the local economy when you know you are cash strapped? I do love the fact you have a perspective though, leaves me ROTFL!

“Sgambellone and other members of the police chiefs’ association in Richland County met with Mayer recently to express concerns about Sheldon’s independence. But the prosecutor does not want to mediate.” – That could be detrimental to his political career, as his little brother found out when the sheriff’s department of all places told the truth and nothing but the truth about him on his fateful “have you ever been in love” night! Surely there are more skeletons where that one came from?

“This is a problem that ought to be worked out by the chief and the sheriff and not the prosecutor’s office,” Mayer told the News Journal.” – Nice out James!

Sheldon is undeterred by the criticism. He termed the local drug problem “way out of hand” and said his office would continue to respond to citizens’ complaints, pointing out the sheriff’s department has jurisdiction over the entire county.

“I literally could assign every one of my officers to work drugs,” Sheldon said. “It’s that big of a problem.” – The community knows this is TRUE too, especially when you have an ex drug user on the bench handing out warrants and no contact orders without just cause. 

“Former city police chief Phil Messer suspects the dispute between the agencies stems from hard feelings related to a botched drug investigation involving the sheriff’s office and the Drug Enforcement Agency.” – Everyone remembers this! –

“The relationship began to be stressed when we (METRICH) didn’t agree to the use of an informant and to not support the investigation,” Messer said. – Get real Phil, both departments have their cowboys and those who abuse their power, the truth behind the hatred between both agencies. You had a gal who worked for you who got BUSTED for collecting on a disability who was working elsewhere who NOW works for the Mayor of Mansfield. Call it what you want, but to many rotten to the core lives! If not for issues in BOTH agencies this area would actually function like it SHOULD, but NO, many are trying to fill their pockets with quick easy money and retribution towards ANYONE trying to impede this FACT! With 20 year retirements for the easiest job on the planet (oppressing others) double dipping, professional courtesy & immunity as being the REAL reasons. Maybe IF law enforcement kept to enforcing laws that affect others than those that only affect the individual the community would truly be safe?




What are others saying out there?

  • Dana Edmonds · Top Commenter · University of Toledo

    Why don’t we make alcohol illegal? Because it would bankrupt our country in the matter of months! – Amen Sista! – Phil Sydnor
  • Vicki Snow-Lawhun · 911 Dispatcher at Richland County EMA

    Would be nice if you could leave politics aside , but you can’t , so you have to deal with it and do the best job you can do and hopefully the people at the top can get they’re Sh!* together and we can be one big happy county and city 🙂
    Maybe a few less Cowboys and a few more good cops and that can happen – Phil Sydnor
  • Scott Kotterman

    The bottom line is anyone can take jabs but, all of us that work together and we know the truth. We all work together well and NO outgoing or former personnel with an axe to grind are going to speak for the front lines. And whatever their motives are, it is neither the truth nor productive in our cause for justice. So if its OK with the naysayers we will go back to work and continue to do our Jobs and work together in serving the citizens the best way that we can and trying to make a difference every day.
  • Howard Webber · Top Commenter · Crafton Hills College

    Either way it’s the people that have to suffer with the cars running in and out all night from dealers places. Some people do work and don’t want to listen to fights arguments over a bad drug deal. Either way you get paid. Work together and help the people that can’t help themselves. My vote is for Tobie koontz hasn’t done much for our problem.
  • Robin Hawkins · Mansfield, Ohio

    As a resident of Richland County, I am very grateful for the dedication shown and sacrifices made by Sheriff Sheldon and his Department. Mr. Sgambellone, you have served the city of Mansfield quite honorably, but have chosen to move on to greener pastures. Please don’t scatter seeds of division, as you go.
  • Barbara Boyd Walter · Cowen High School

    I am so sorry to read this “hit and run” piece generated by Dino. Just wondering if he was urged to do this by his “mentor” who may be planning a run against Sheriff Sheldon. Maybe Sheriff Sheldon doesn’t “share information” because maybe that information is being shared by someone with the suspects. Just saying. I say “Keep up the good work, Sheriff Sheldon. You are elected by the people of Richland Co. as opposed to being appointed by one person. So continue to do your job and let the egos destroy themselves as they eventually will.”
  • Garry Mills · Mansfield, Ohio

    this has been ongoing for years between the so and mpd, however “communications is the success to any battle, without it you will not win”, and scott.. you probably shouldn’t say hurtful things about dino, hes a good guy. as far as Safety, thats like beating a dead horse at the s.o, .how many GOOD HONEST people have left that office for one reason or another in the last 2 years?. Somthings going on and has been for along time.Good Leaders Listen, they do not delegate or dictate, they make a lot of hard choices that some don’t always agree with. Im not saying Steve is a bad person, but I will say, he is not a good communicator, and it is all about the money. Unfortunately the citizens of richland county are at risk because of yet another fiasco with local law enforcement. The S.O. always complains about the vast area the have to cover, then why are you in the city? O I forgot your all brothers and sisters. Then why do all of you talk crap about other agencys? probation, juvi,city, county, probate, jail, state prisions, state probation, not to mention the judges, transportation, electronic monitoring etc., you all do it, so don’t get affended. i could say a lot of things on here but I wont. Good luck Richland County.
    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as long as you have an oppressive Governing body you WILL NEVER WIN the battle on drugs, that’s a FACT! Oppression is what drives the need for these people. If leaders would do their jobs by creating the environment through education the need would slowly go away!
    They build a Prison system, and get what they build around it – CORRUPTION FOR CONTROL! – Phil Sydnor
  • Scott Kotterman

    Politics is an ugly cologne that Dino can take to New Mexico. Every Officer on the street works every day with the Other agencies and there is total cooperation in this County amongst Officers.. Politics does not affect the attitude or performance of and MPD Officers or Sheriffs Deputies, We get along every day. Dino can takes his ego to HIS new set of citizens he cares about. And maybe he can drive his WAMBULANCE to his new home…
    Maybe he can cause a fight with Border Patrol for not Cooperating with his EGO…..
  • Rick Rush · Top Commenter · Works at Ohio DRC

    I remember back in the 1980’s when Sheriff Richard Petty and Mansfield Police Chief Matt Bennick did not get along it just makes it tough on the Officers ! Sheriff Sheldon knows very well that COMMUNICATION between departments are very important ! It’s time to man up and set differences aside for the sake of the Officers and the community ! I remember a tragedy a few years ago involving the Sheriff’s Department where they sent a swat team in to deliver a warrant for Shoplifting and an INNOCENT man in the country had seen masked intruders with guns around his home and grabbed his gun an fired a shot only to be killed by swat team members ! This was a TRAGEDY for all involved and accidents happen SO the Sheriff as well as Metrich need to communicate with one another ! With that said I would Like to add that Sheriff Sheldon has done a wonderful job as Sheriff and has accomplished alot of things in our community ! I Just remember what Sheriff Dale Shetler used to say IF only we could leave politics out of it !
  • Dana Edmonds · Top Commenter · University of Toledo

    The Drug war is a waste of resources.
    It sure is, especially when they use informants and those who are trying to play the system for a shorter term in the pokey! TALK ABOUT A JOKE, THIS IS IT!
    and we wonder who the terrorists are???? – Phil Sydnor
    Drew King · Ivy Tech Community College

    It’s no secret that Sheriff Sheldon has no love for anything about Phil Messer BUT some of this also comes back to the CORRUPTION of capt. ERIC BOSKO. No one wants to be involved with him or his CORRUPT antics. Local officers are afraid that he may fabricate cases against them as he’s done to so many others AND there is also concern of the liability issues of BOSKO’s “investigations”. In fact many officers have hopefully asked me when BOSKO’s own indictment is coming down. I have received credible info that MetRich, as well as, the U.S. Marshal’s Violent Fugitive Task Force no longer wants BOSKO involved in their investigations. Reasons for this include, the case that BOSKO fabricated on me (using LYING confidential informants) AND the GILBERT RUSH case, where Rush was shot and killed as a result of BOSKO’s incompetent case (using lying informants). BOSKO provided very deceptive & misleading info to Chief Messer to convince him to allow for the ASORT Team to raid Rush’s home to find stolen items. Yes, BOSKO manipulated the use of the SWAT Team for a NIGHTTIME raid to search for STOLEN PROPERTY. Afterwards, the Federal Judge in that case stated, “”Bosko failed to conduct a proper investigation…which resulted in reliance on false information””… (LYING INFORMANTS). Some of the same informants used in the Rush case were also used in my case. It seems Rush was killed because of BOSKO’s use of LYING INFORMANTS. Sheldon & Bosko are very good long-time friends. How do you think BOSKO went from juvenile detective at MPD to RC sheriff’s captain literally overnight, under the guise of “Crime Lab” captain. It appears Sheldon & Bosko want to out do the Messer reign so Sheldon allowed BOSKO make up his own super secret SWAT team (Richland Co Task Force) and conduct his own raids, potentially risking other officers safety. STAY TUNED….. MORE TO COME LATER !!!

    ~Maurice A. King “III” ….. NOT…… “JR.”
    (the INNOCENT “Bellville Cop”)

    *posting on borrowed account

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