Probation officer nearly run over – Really?, we need to quit sending boys to do a mans job; What a joke!

MANSFIELD — Two Richland County Adult Probation officers trying to contact a client Wednesday narrowly escaped injury after authorities say a man tried to run at least one of them over in his vehicle before fleeing the State Street area. What a nice name to call a violent offender wanted for prison, a “client”? – What the hell is wrong with this picture?. Since when can 2 probation officers take down someone on the lamb?, hell…these guys usually need the fugitive task force to do sweeps to find these people. What gets me is…this man was supposedly subjected to go back to prison, so if he stood before the Judge or his responsible officer and was violated, why was he let go?.

The usually quiet road was filled with law enforcement officers who roped off the area. The suspect, identified by authorities as 28-year-old Andre Collier, crashed his car into a parked van, then drove off. He remains at large.

Mansfield police Detective John Wendling said two probation officers were trying to make contact with Collier, whose last known address is 290 N. Main St.

“A fight ensued. The guy jumped in a car,” Wendling said. “He tried to hit one of the probation officers with the car. The probation officer, Chris Washington, shot his tire out.”

Authorities said no one was hurt.

Washington was the only one who fired a weapon, police said. Collier was driving a Chevy Impala, which was not his. The car was abandoned at the rear of 49 Greenwood Ave.

“He was due to go to prison, is what I was told,” Wendling said. “He thought that’s why they (the probation officers) were there. Collier had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear.” So, these guys get sent back to prison for failure to appear?, If I were a betting man, I would bet this happens a lot. Mansfield is know for a lack in tracking released offenders. Time to change what they’re doing before someone gets hurt, or maybe that’s their intent?.

Collier is 6 foot, 3 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds. The Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force and Mansfield police are searching for him. Sure they are now, they should have been the ones searching in the first place, sending officers who usually can’t find these people in the first place is like sending a Boy Scout to War!.

Neighbor Cherie Cordray heard a gunshot and saw a man in blue jeans (a probation officer) fire his weapon at a car that swerved as it hit a parked vehicle.

“It’s usually generally a pretty quiet neighborhood,” Cordray said.

Richland County Chief Probation Officer Dave Leitenberger confirmed Washington and Darren Miller were attempting to contact a client. It’s time to start giving these clients bracelets so you know where they are at ALL TIMES, where is it CHEAPER to continue to waste resources like this?.

Time to fix this Neo Nazis program!

Leitenberger said Washington is being placed on a standard three-day administrative leave.

“The incident remains under investigation,” Leitenberger said.

According to the Richland County Adult Probation Office, Collier orginally was on probation for possession of crack, a fifth-degree felony. Collier was served with a fourth-degree felony indictment charging him with drug trafficking and was sentenced to prison Sept. 19 in Richland County Common Pleas Court. If you knew he was getting sent to prison, why was he free to roam without a tracking device?, YOU PEOPLE are idiots, and this is OUR proof!

The Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force said Collier has ties in the Mansfield, Galion and Columbus area. Collier is wanted for two bench warrants, out of Richland County Common Pleas Court. The first warrant is for failure to appear for transport to prison for trafficking in drugs. The second warrant is for failure to appear for prison for possession of drugs. This Neo Nazis program knows this behavior is DANGEROUS, time to wake up Mansfielders before one of us or our children get hurt. You don’t need a PhD to see, or in this case…read into how stupid our justice system is!. Why else do you think their BOSS was fired by the State and the County picked him up? – Leitenberger is NO ANGEL, and his buddy who also was fired by the State is now a Mall Cop, I wonder why?.
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Tim Palm · Ashland University

What’s up with the rash of people trying to shoot tires off moving cars in Mansfield?
  • Phil Sydnor

    It’s how they are being trained, what surprises me about this is…this guy is a known violent offender and they send 2 probation officers?, might as well have sent their ex-drunken fired apa boss the Mall Cop to apprehend this man. What a joke the probation system is, it’s time to quit slapping these offenders on the wrist, it’s time to microchip these people or DON’T let them out in the first place!.

  • Chris Van Hesteren · Top Commenter

    Ok…….. Just the other day there were many comments about a civilian being investigated for shooting at a vehicle that was fleeing (bullet hole in the trunk), and now, a PO does the same thing.  Looking at the photo, the broken glass is to the left of the dent in the van and the PO is demonstrating how he took the shot….  sure looks like the imminent threat was over when he took the shot.  Let’s watch this one and see if the punishments are the same.

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