Prayers to Connie and Matt Garber on their loss, if her speaking out does not spark outrage towards these thugs, nothing will! – MUST WATCH!!!!!


Video of slain Lexington man’s mother that MANY know was flat out murdered!

WMFD Article

Mother Of Man Shot By Sheriff’s Deputies Speaks Out

Two months have passed since Richland County sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a Lexington area man who claimed to have a gun, as the officers responded to a domestic violence complaint. 28-year-old Brian Garber lived with his wife and two children at 3425 Mill Run Road. He was shot in his parents’ home across the street, at 3400 Mill Run Road. His mother Connie Garber concedes he hit her, as she reported in her 9-1-1 call, but the slap to her chest was not serious and did not leave a mark. She says Brian’s claim to have a gun and text-messaged threats to kill his wife Sara Knowlton were brought on by an anti-anxiety drug he was taking that caused him to get verbally angry, but not physically. She says she called the sheriff’s department seeking medical help for her son, and did not believe he really had a gun. Connie Garber says deputies arrived at her house, raced upstairs to Brian’s bedroom, and within seconds, started shooting, hitting him 14 times. She also angry his body was left in the room all night before the coroner was called to remove it. The bedroom has not been cleaned-up and the door is kept locked. The Richland County Prosecutor’s office has not received the investigation results from Ohio B-C-I. When they arrive, they will be considered for presentation to a grand jury. Who shall consider the presentation to a grand jury – The State, or County Prosecution?

Why don’t they say who the piece of crap was that shot Brian? Everyone knows who it is, he ran his mouth at one of his favorite watering holes where it has been noted he was bragging about it. Right Deputy Zehner?

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