Police spend hours chasing kidnapping hoax – Maybe a little history check on people before they make a BIG DEAL out of something like this is in order?

Surely this is not the first time this girl cried wolf, some do it ALL THE TIME, and what do they get? What do I mean by this?, 911 calls are made all the time that are not Emergency’s ; what do they do about them? This is the problem!, they justice system picks and chooses what they prosecute, if this is not her first time making false allegations then they should lock her up for life to send a message to all others who abuse the system!

This should fix it?, then again…when they pick and choose depending “who you are”, how can they stop this? They rely heavily on folks who make calls like this, it’s money money money for the Courts. Keep up the great work sheeple!, false witness is a great way for people like this to get our taxes reduced? (sarcasm)

Police spend hours chasing kidnapping hoax

Jul. 7, 2013

Written by
Jami Kinton

MANSFIELD — A 28-year-old Mansfield woman is in jail after leading authorities on a five-hour long search that turned out to be a hoax.

The woman has been charged with inducing panic and other charges may follow, according to Mansfield Police Capt. Ken Coontz.

Around 1 a.m. Saturday, Sgt. Randy Carver said police received a call from the woman’s boyfriend and father, who said she told them she had been kidnapped.

Coontz said the woman had reportedly been text-messaging her boyfriend from her phone, pretending she was a man who abducted her and wanted money.

“The texts were demanding $200 be paid or else he was going to kill her,” Coontz said. “Then she sent a picture of herself crying, and that really got everyone’s attention. Even if you’re suspicious of the circumstances, you still have to use all resources available to solve it.”

Two members of the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force and a detective were called in to assist.

Coontz said a member of the FBI also was on standby, but was called off when the issue was resolved around 6 a.m.

Coontz said the claim was that the woman was abducted downtown.

“We started investigating it and attempted to track the phone,” he said. “Her boyfriend was in contact with us and he continued to text her in attempt track the phone being used.”

Carver said authorities contacted the phone company.

“Tracking the phone led police to different areas of the city until we got information that she had stopped at a house at the corner of Fourth Street and Benton,” he said. “Officers arrived and found her sitting on the front porch looking perfectly fine and she had her phone with her. After further investigation, it was found that it was a false report.”

Coontz said the woman said she never meant for the police to be involved. He said she said that she reportedly was feeling resentful toward her boyfriend and was trying to show him what it would feel like if “something bad” happened to her.

Coontz said the woman reportedly had been ramping up her text messages to her boyfriend, pretending she was her kidnapper, but when her boyfriend and father said they were calling the police, she tried to scale back.

The woman was taken to the Richland County Jail.

“It’s really unfortunate that the police department was the victim of this hoax,” Coontz said. “A lot of resources were spent unnecessarily.”

Carver said he was proud of the work done by authorities.

“The department worked great together to solve this,” he said. “Dispatch was able to provide us with the information we needed in order to get the job done. Unfortunately, it was a false report, but I’m still proud of the work our officers did.”

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  • Kelly Smith · Top Commenter · Works at Pinnable BPO

    They should send her a bill. Send a bill for crying wolf?, I wish when I was accused of domestic violence and it wasn’t PROVEN I could send someone a bill! You can’t have it both ways, sorry? It’s a system that gets abused in which laws put in place could remedy, but THEY won’t do this, it’s a GREAT SYSTEM, for them! We the people pay for this, so why should THEY care? THEY being those that work the system be it this woman, Attorney’s, Judges, and a prosecutor who would prosecute something like this. Surely they didn’t have ANYTHING better to do than look for a kidnapper only requesting $200. Typically with poor folks like this, they pay no mind?

  • Erma Lawhorn · Top Commenter · Works at Mifflin Inn

    What an idiot…all of that for attention! – The idiots are those who gave a $200 ransom attention! Things that make you say – WOW!

    • Kenda Gammell

      Crazy – Crazy it is!, crazy we made a BIG DEAL out of this. Nothing but a distraction to the BIGGER things that are going on. The FBI got involved, wth???????

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