Plans on track to raze half of GM plant – We need JOBS NOW!, these huge money grabs crack me up.

ONTARIO — Brownfield Communities Development Company is moving forward with plans to demolish half of the former General Motors plant, while the sale for the facility is still pending.

The demolition will make way for the development company, a joint venture of Adler Group Inc. and Hilco Real Estate, to bring 1,100 jobs to the community within the next five years.

“We are taking an obsolete, single-tenant facility and turning it into a modern multi-tenant business generator,” said Michael M. Adler, CEO and chairman of Adler Group. “Demolition and renovation will create immediate jobs, but we are more excited about our product and the long-term jobs and economic benefits that will be created in the future.”

All demolition plans are tentative pending the closing of the sale on the property, according to Ontario zoning inspector Fred Kohler.

The demolition permit was granted Nov. 1 to MCM Management Corp. of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., to demolish the structures east of the main offices along with outlying buildings, Kohler said.

The demolition permit application states contractors plan “partial demolition and redevelopment of structures to remain for new tenants.” It also states the Noble Road Landfill will serve as the dump site.

Demolition is expected to begin Dec. 1, with completion expected Aug. 1, 2013, according to the permit application. A map outlining the waste disposal route shows the debris will be transported via U.S. 30 and not through main thoroughfares in Ontario or Mansfield.

“This is an important step in the process of bringing new jobs and other economic benefits back to the community,” said Bruce Rasher, redevelopment manager of RACER Trust — Revitalizing Auto Communities Environmental Response Trust. That agency controls the sale of 89 former GM plants in 14 states. “We’re delighted that progress is being made.”

Rasher said his office is working diligently to finish the sale of the former General Motors property by the end of the year.

“We are eager to complete this transaction so that Brownfield Communities Development Co. can move forward with its plans to bring new jobs and other economic benefits to Ontario and Richland County,” Rasher said.

During an Aug. 16 news conference at the plant, the sale of the former General Motors Mansfield-Ontario Stamping Plant to Brownfield Communities Development Company was announced.

“Our goal is to take this one large facility that was designed as a single-purpose entity and use our skills to turn it so it can be a facility that meets the needs of businesses that will themselves grow and attract other businesses,” Adler said. “Our goal is for you to see this location again be a thriving employment hub. We take this responsibility very seriously and we are committed to making it happen.”

Mansfield has worked closely with elected and community leaders and the RACER Trust to redevelop the former GM site.

In August, Rasher said the sale price would be released in the future, but it is part of a confidentiality agreement.

Developers plan to demolish about half the plant. Two tenants have been identified for the site. One would create 850 full-time jobs and the other, 280 full-time jobs. Those tenants were not publicly identified pending the closing of the sale.

GM broke ground here in 1955. Production began in 1956. The plant closed in 2010.
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