Phil Bon Jovi – Yes, this intellectual posted this on craigslist. You got to be kidding me?

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Posted: 2013-03-15, 6:36PM EDT

Phil Bon Jovi

I am seriously bored by your stupidity. I can only entertain myself for so long. Please keep up the fight against corruption in Mansfield, keep us all informed with your wonderful copy and paste website that is an asset for our community. I am so glad it truly represents all Mansfielders as your title suggest. This community is so lucky to have you here to inform and defend us all. I mean why do politicians and attorneys and doctors spend so much on educations when one can get so smart just working at ABC Warehouse? Wow with your knowledge why is it that you haven’t stepped out of such a menial job. Is it you like to bring smiles to the faces of the many commoners that come to you for their appliances? How is it we are so blessed as a community to have you living and working right beside us? How can we ever repay you for the education that we are receiving from your website? And to think that you can even give us discounts on tv’s also. My goodness, you are like a GOD. I am surprised women aren’t out there throwing themselves at you. I mean you are like a small appliance ROCK STAR. I hope someday you can run for office, get our community back on track and rid this damn town of the corruption we experience everyday. Thank you Phil, thank you for all that you do.

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Posted: 2013-03-15, 6:36PM EDT


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