Patrol plans OVI checkpoint for Friday evening

MANSFIELD — The Ohio State Highway Patrol announced that an OVI checkpoint will be held in Richland County Friday evening. The location will be announced Friday morning.

The OVI checkpoint is funded by federal grant funds and is to deter and intercept impaired drivers.

What they’re saying so far, that’s IF you can still read the ones who are not getting censored – lol!.

Michael Koppler ·  Top commenter · Shelby High

I always wondered why they post this kind of stuff? Just makes it easier for the impared drivers to go a different route so they can avoid the checkpoint right?

Kellee Allen Wisenbarger

They have to list it. Otherwise it is considered entrapment in the courts and everyone they pull over can get out of the charge due to the entrapment clause.

Cheryl Small · Works at Retired

What is the intelligent thinking in letting the public “KNOW” where they will be setting up??? I’m just sayin! What ev!!!!

Beth Ann Conrad ·  Top commenter · Adjunct Professor at Ashland Universty

Why should they list where they will be. Stupid.. They never list where they’re giving speeding tickets .. Tongue in cheek. LOL!!

Phil Sydnor · School of Hard Knocks

I don’t understand this either, the Highway Patrol is not known for giving professional courtesy or immunity!.

Speaking of Professional Courtesy & Immunity – What ever happened to Sherri Robertson, the officer who was busted many moons ago who couldn’t walk a straight line who refused blowing?. I would think her personal issues are out of the way by now?. Does anyone know how long it’s been, and why the public hasn’t been updated?.

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