Patrol lab expands, reduces drug backlog – this is needed for marijuana?

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I would say...yep! - it's marijuana, no test needed. If in doubt, have a narc test it for you. Problem solved, or part of the problem?

I would say…yep! – it’s marijuana, no test needed. If in doubt, have a narc test it for you. Problem solved, or part of the problem?

I can understand testing for heroin, cocaine, etc., but pot, give the people a break! Don’t we WASTE enough tax dollars?

Patrol lab expands, reduces drug backlog

But let’s focus on the picture of marijuana being tested shall we? What are we trying to find out here? – marijuana is marijuana, right? So why do we need to test for it when we should get right on where the source is? By the time you get done wasting time testing the REAL DEALERS are long gone and most of their crops are up in smoke. I suggest if we have officers who are unaware of what this stuff is in this day and age that we need to replace them! Hell, I am sure there are many people out there who know cops who smoke it themselves, along with many others who work or protect the justice system, quite profitable for many this so-called drug surrounds making an ad like this laughable at best.

You want to put a HUGE dent in marijuana sales, then I would drug test everyone who either works for us, or benefits from the working man who is tested upon getting a job. What we have are many FAILED systems in what some believe to be a democracy – lol!

We the people condone much of this behavior through laws that protect and feed those who are dependent on it. We have disability for those who abuse drugs and alcohol, we don’t drug test for food programs yet we think we can stop drugs by testing the drugs and not the people behind the need for them? This at best has me rolling on the floor laughing, because IF THEY wanted to stop drugs they could, but won’t because the many in which it provides work, like this! Call me crazy, but if you want to waste more resources towards a system that feeds the problem, by all means do it! We can only print so much money before others is all gone, others being those left who actually pay taxes today!

What do I mean by that? – the other system, many know it, you may know it, but won’t say a word about it? You know, where the same people who sell or do these drugs know they can populate like rabbits to get more back from the IRS than they pay in, another small problem that’s about to rise when they cut off this dependence which garners votes.

Cracks me up that the same bureaucrats behind advertising they have a solution, are the ┬ásame ones who could stop what feed it, but don’t. Let’s see in another decade how this drug testing stops an ever growing problem if the problem that causes this is fixed first!

Handouts and drugs, they go hand in hand on what’s destroying once great Nation. Will not be corrected until the head of the snake goes broke, and I can assure you those who follow or are in these programs will soon meet their demise when we realize we can no longer pay for this without real jobs. How do you think Hitler did what he did? First he convinced the masses he would take care of this, your freedom of choice that has no consequence leaves me rolling on the floor once again!

Let’s hear your thoughts, do you think drug testing drugs and not people will fix the problem when we the people who will pay for it will eventually be forced into this oppression as well? Tick, tick, tick – “time” to stop this madness is running out!

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