Parker’s departure from Children Services official – Say it ain’t so!

MANSFIELD — Richland County Children Services Executive Director Randy Parker will receive a $42,000 severance payment as part of his separation agreement with the agency’s board.

Board members voted Monday to approve the agreement and mutual release of claims with Parker, who has been with Children Services since August 2002. After a 90-minute executive session, the vote was 11-0. Member Pam Siegenthaler was absent.

On May 16, the board voted to place Parker on paid administrative leave. He will remain on that status until Aug. 8. The lump sum payment of $42,000 will be paid by Aug. 24.

The board, which did not give a reason for putting Parker on paid leave, issued a statement after Monday’s meeting.

“Randy Parker has served as the executive director of Richland County Children Services for 10 years, with many accomplishments that have strengthened the agency and benefited its constituency during his tenure,” the statement said. “Nevertheless, Mr. Parker and RCCS acknowledge that change in leadership is inevitable, and that after a successful decade together it is time for their affiliation to come to a conclusion.

“The board is grateful for Mr. Parker’s direction, and the fact that the agency will continue with new leadership should not diminish Mr. Parker’s valuable contributions over the last decade. The board wishes him every success as he moves forward in his career.”

Under terms of the agreement, the board agrees not to interfere with any future job search by Parker. Further, if the agency receives any request for information about Parker’s employment with Children Services, it will provide a neutral letter of reference identifying only dates of employment, positions held and salary information, unless further disclosure is required by law.

The parties also agreed not to file lawsuits against each other. They say the agreement is not an admission of liability or wrongdoing by either party.

Children Services has been in the news in recent months because of an ongoing dispute with Richland County Juvenile Court Judge Ron Spon. The agency filed an affidavit seeking to disqualify Spon from a dependency case, saying the judge is prejudiced against Parker and Children Services attorney Edith Gilliland. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled Spon could remain on the case.

The agency’s board also has seen a number of changes. In December, county commissioners re-appointed two board members but did not re-appoint two others. Commissioners added four board members, increasing membership from 11 to 13.

Board chairwoman Nancy Joyce resigned last month when Parker was placed on leave. She did not give a reason. New board chairman Robert Konstam said after Monday’s meeting he hopes the agency can put the issues in the past.

“The board is of one mind, and we’re pulling together,” he said. “We have a direction we want to move in, and I’m really pleased with that.”

Konstam said there is no time frame to replace Parker. Nikki Harless, the agency’s director of operations, is filling in as interim director.

“We have a person in place with Nikki. She seems to be doing a great job,” Konstam said. “I don’t think there’s a pressing need to do that until we do our homework.”

At the end of Monday’s meeting, the board had a planning session, listing an internal survey of staff as the top priority.
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5 Responses to Parker’s departure from Children Services official – Say it ain’t so!

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  4. buckeyesyd says:

    Phil Sydnor · Top Commenter · Public Scrutiny
    If he was under contract with guarantees that he gets paid with immunity, then whom ever gave him the contract NEEDS FIRED AS WELL!. The public SHOULD be pissed, especially now that we know why the Commissioners implemented another .25% EMERGENCY sales tax increase!. We wonder why they keep raising TAXES?, well…here’s your answer. I agree he should not get paid, but how else can he pay up in the Lawsuit to silence McBride from throwing others under the bus?. Yes, this is how they do it! – they give ALL who are involved in their Corruption schemes the money they need, and it’s the TAXPAYERS WHO PAY FOR IT! – What a killer SYSTEM…

  5. buckeyesyd says:

    The MNJ sites comments say there are only 9 comments, hmmm? – I wonder which of the following are getting blocked – see below the original link to the MNJ comments, some of which are getting CENSORED once again!

    Darlene Baldridge · Top commenter
    Only in America (Richland County) can a person get fired and get more in severance pay than the average worker earns in a year! He’ll be getting more in “Paid Administrative Leave” than most workers earn in a year, too. Our system is entirely corrupt, we need to come up with a new system, it is obvious to even the most uneducated this system is not working!

    Dale Warren · Works at Self retired
    Thats one great thing coming from our economy now. Lot of our system can no longer be afforded. And well have to be corrected.

    Jennifer Mullins · Top commenter
    Darlene you took the words right out of my mouth. I would like to add to it by saying that what is just as sickening is good workers working hard their whole life and then being release with nothing more than the clothes on their back and a “screw you” from corporate. So sad.

    Peter WaleskowskiThis happens every time we “fire” a president or congressman. We the voters “fire” the elected official and then provide salary and benefits for the rest of their lives…..and I hope we do it again in November!

    Dave York · Top Commenter · Nimitz High School
    He is getting paid 42 grand not to work there, I will agree not to work there for 20 grand and save the tax payers some money!!

    Becky Davis · Top commenter
    Thankfully he is gone! You know if all the “terms” state that Childern’s can only give neutral recommendations, Parker was covering his butt.

    Crystal Bennett Marriner · Morehead, Kentucky
    Good job to the board in getting rid of Parker. I know its a cover up thing, but at least it’s a step in the right direction! And a big thanks to Judge Spon!!

    Clydesdale Del · Top commenter · Muskingum University
    When Power disagrees…Parker got himself a fine separation. Did he have Lloyd Martin’s former lawyer on his legal team?

    Sue Riggins Wentz · Top commenter · Ontario High School
    Wow this is wrong in all areas except one he is leaving! Now he can go somewhere else and destroy more lives, because no one can give an honest reference to the man. Shame Shame, probably whey this agency hired him in the first place, they also got a false reference from New York I think it was. Wow is all I can say. Way to spend tax payers money.

    Bob Jones · Mansfield, Ohio
    it’s a scam. it’s 42000.00 plus his salary until August plus the overpayment. that does not equal 42000.00 anywhere except in government accounting practices.

    Rita Adams · Top commenter
    Wow,pay the idot money he dosent deserve…why is it a big secret about why he got fired!! We wat to know ,!

    Jack Arnholt · Top commenter
    The seperation agreement is less than the costs to litigate. Some folks are a bit shallow to not see the benefits of the settlement.

    Lisa A. Cole · Top commenter · Lexington, Ohio
    No Jack people are not shallow!!! He should receive nothing just like every other common person does when they are “fired” or to be nice “let go”. One weeks pay is enough!!!!

    Dale Rhoads · Top commenter · Fort Worth, Texas
    No they are no shallow,but then if he was fired the cost of litigation because of his “contract” would have been. He is under a contract so the Board had no choice.

    Jack Arnholt · Top commenter
    Lisa…..Most high profile jobs are awarded with a contract. It is very different from a person who is hired to perform manual labor. Now, if you like when applying for a factory job you can insist on a written contract;either personally or with union support. The store owner always has the last say. He/sne might say “YOU’RE FIRED”. You still have the option to sue over wrongfull termination. That’s where a written contract protects you. that clear enough for you?

    Lisa A. Cole · Top Commenter · Lexington, Ohio
    Jack I am not dumb! I know he had a contract, but why does it always have to be on the taxpayers back. When negotiating for these “high profile jobs” the gaunlet needs to be dropped right then and there. Make sure they know NO matter what the are working for the taxpayers, and will not receive free money for X amount of weeks, or years!!!! What’s your pickle in this anyway? I see your not from Richland county. I am not saying your opinion doesn’t matter just wondering.

    Sue Riggins Wentz · Top Commenter · Ontario High School
    I would say it is plenty clear enough, but STILL WRONG, on tax payers dime.

    Sue Riggins Wentz · Top Commenter · Ontario High School
    Dale Rhoads Yes he had a contract to do the job right and when you are fired you obviously did not do it right therefore should result in forfeit of contract agreement.

    Jennifer Mullins · Top Commenter
    Then maybe, Dale, the problem is in the hiring not the firing. These contracts should not be set up to reward a bad employee. Period.

    Lisa A. Cole · Top Commenter · Lexington, Ohio
    Thankyou Jennifer my point exactly!!!!

    Dale Rhoads · Top Commenter · Fort Worth, Texas
    Very true Jennifer, kind of like unions! They protect the bad people as well as the good. Contracts also protect the good people, good cops, good firemen from bad politicians. There’s always the bad with the good. Called LIFE! I don’t like taxpayers dollars being spent on him either. I’m sure the Board talked to some attorneys before they made their decision and the Attorneys advised them what could happen.

    Jennifer Mullins · Top Commenter
    Good employees don’t need protected by unions these days. Sure, 75 years ago they did but now there are enough laws in place to protect employees that unions do nothing but take money away from good employees. My husband has been a laborer for 13 years. Makes a fair wage for what he does. Has a 401k and insurance and has never been laid off. He’s a good employee without a union or a contract. Unions and employee contracts do nothing but harbor bad employees and reward the sorely bad ones. As a corporate manager myself, I have seen it far too many times. And when it comes to taxpayer dollars, things have got to change. Unions are the very reason that Ohio is in the situation they are in right now. Sad but true.


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