Spreading the good word – Mansfield Leaders Meet To Plan Anti Crime Rally

Good start, but now we MUST include other religious denominations that have a differing perspective how to go about this. You don’t include others just like making up an individualized drug court system IT WILL NOT WORK! I hate to be negative, but this DIVIDE TO CONQUER is not and will not work UNTIL there’s a CONsensus that everyone is included in the venture.

Tonight there’s another group forming, for more information check this link – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/richland-county-common-law-study-group-meeting-4-2-2015/


Mansfield Leaders Meet To Plan Anti Crime Rally

Story By: Greg Heindel 



A group of Mansfield government, police, church, and community leaders calling itself the “Mend Mansfield Coalition” met Wednesday to plan for staging an anti-crime rally.

The meeting was called by Rev. Dr. Derek Willians, Pastor of Mount Calvary Baptist Church following the shootings of four people Sunday and Monday.

Mansfield Police Chief Ken Coontz says while getting guns off the streets and finding the criminals who use them takes a community-wide effort, there is one thing the police could do.

Call in the biggest troublemakers and sit them down for a serious talk.

Another “Mend Mansfield Coalition” meeting is set for next Tuesday at 10 a.m. at Mount Calvary Baptist Church.

The “Unity in the Community” rally will be Saturday April 11 at noon.

Participants should gather at the church, and everyone will march to Johns Park, the site of Monday’s shooting.

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The public is welcome to join this group, especially those who take issue with no justice in our community’s.

                                                                  by Scott Kyler
  The Richland County Common Law Study Group is scheduled to meet on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015, at 6:30 pm, at The Waterford, 1296 S. Trimble Road, the corner of Lexington Avenue and Trimble Road. Topics of discussion and action will include contacting local public servants regarding our reinstating statement for the local Independent Grand Jury, and, the disturbing reports regarding the upcoming military drill named “Jade Helm”.
  The following links reveal more gradual, incremental, psychological conditioning being implemented by the “Banking-Military-Industrial Complex” for the future, Total, electronic and physical, Lock-Down of America within the growing communist-fascist panopticon.
More States Added to ‘Jade Helm’ Military Exercise

‘Realistic Military Training’ exercise expands to as many as ten states.
Preview by Yahoo
  All Patriots in the Richland County area are invited to our meetings.
  Come on out and bring a friend or two.
Scott Kyler
Richland County Common Law Study Group
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Mayor Tim Theakor better get busy, Ontario is STEALING his thunder!

The Mayor Tim Theakor said big things for Mansfield are in the works, yet its always Ontario grabbing the attention of his local paper?

Foreign businesses eyeing Ontario

Two international companies — one in Turkey and the other in Israel — have expressed interest in locating their businesses in Ontario.

Ontario Mayor Randy Hutchinson and Mark Weidemyre, the city’s economic development committee chairman, Monday said they attended a two-day Select USA Summit in Washington, D.C., last week in an effort to bring international companies to Ontario.

Weidemyre said he and the mayor talked one-on-one with representatives from a baking operation located in Israel that provides frozen foods to Kroger and needs a manufacturing operation in the United States. The company, if located in Ontario, would bring between 50 to 100 jobs.

“They said they need a manufacturing operation here in the United States because they just can’t ship everything they need to ship from Israel anymore,” Weidemyre said.

The company plans a site visit to see the Ontario Business Park, the former site of General Motors stamping plant, in the near future.

The two Ontario leaders also met one-on-one with representatives from an aluminum manufacturer from Turkey who expressed interest in locating in Ontario. Although this company’s expansion could be about two years out, Hutchinson said the company would bring 200 to 350 jobs if they chose to locate here.

The marketing effort was fantastic, said Hutchinson.

“We’ve got to be proactive in getting out to sell our city and that’s the reason we went,” Hutchinson said.

Weidemyre said he was reading a Team NEO newsletter and saw information about the summit, a program of President Obama put on by the Department of Commerce where people, investors and companies, are invited to attend from all over the world.

“Tens of thousands of people were in attendance at the Gaylord Convention Center,” Weidemyre said. Obama was the speaker at a luncheon that they attended.

Weidemyre said he and the mayor talked to a lot of companies and made connections, including a pharmaceutical manufacturing company from India. Weidemyre talked directly to the economic development minister for Taiwan. “We made some very good connections there,” he said.

The twosome met with Department of Commerce officials too who put them in touch with various agencies. They also met with JobsOhio representatives who said they will come to Ontario to see how they can further help local officials market the city and Ontario Business Park and the entire city of Ontario, including the city’s new industrial park on Beer Road where FedEx just built a new 170,000-square-foot warehouse.

Hutchinson said he believes it is important to market the entire city of Ontario and Richland County.

“Some of the firms we talked to we spoke about the airport (Mansfield Lahm Airport). Whatever happens in Richland County benefits everybody,” the mayor said.

Hutchinson said they also formed a new partnership with the economic development officials and mayors from Stark, Portage and Summit counties to enable more networking. Everyone plans to meet quarterly.

“Council is on board with expanding our role in economic development,” said Weidemyre. “We’re looking at a couple other trade shows and putting together a booth. The mayor is looking at possibly me attending a trade show in Germany next year. This is the largest show (Hannover Messe) in all of Europe for manufacturing, a half a million people go to this show.”

Hutchinson said through Select USA, one-on-one “match making events” or appointments will be setup directly with manufacturers to pitch Ontario.

Richland County has a lot to offer, the city officials said.

Weidemyre said the mayor has worked hard to make Ontario business friendly when it comes to rules and regulations.

“The State of Ohio is becoming more and more known as very business-friendly,” Weidemyre said.

Weidemyre said a lot of companies were receptive to Ontario because of its location as well as the city’s tax incentives.

Hutchinson and Weidemyre said they plan to return to the next investment summit in 18 months, taking with them a contingent of officials from Richland County.

“We’re a global economy now and if you want to really grow the economy and you want to grow manufacturing, you’ve got to go out and get it,” he said.



Twitter: @LWhitmir

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More shootings by Mansfield’s finest, more looking to move away! Anyone surprised???

Tell it like it is… The epitome of Mansfield has become “crime will soar” IF you don’t pay more.

Now Drew Tyler almighty speaker for the Corrupt, are YOU still ROTFLMAO?


Two healing after Sunday shooting, robbery suspected

28-year-old Dorian Voltaire was found with two gunshot wounds to the stomach in a 1111/2 Wood St. apartment around 1 a.m. Sunday, and 16-year-old Ashton Auflick was found one street over with one gunshot wound of his own, according to Mansfield police report and news release.

The two remain at OhioHealth MedCentral Mansfield Hospital, according to the release.

Both are believed to have been injured in the same early-morning incident Sunday.

Police were called to 1111/2 Wood Street for a shooting around 1 a.m. Sunday, where they found Voltaire injured.

A 33-year-old female witness to the shooting said she and Voltaire were at the store earlier that day, and he was “flaunting” money he received from a life insurance claim. His bragging made her nervous and she asked a 31-year-old man to come home with them, according to the police report.

Shortly after arriving back home, the woman said she heard a knock at the door. A young man was standing outside holding money and asking to come in. She refused and shut the door, the report said.

Minutes later, she heard footsteps running up the stairs behind her and turned to find the man who had been at the door inside her home. He yelled, “get in the room, he’s got a gun,” she told police.

Then a gun went off and she said she heard Voltaire yelling he’d been shot.

Voltaire told witnesses he shot back at a shooter and hit one, the police report said.

Minutes later, police were called about another shooting at 90 Blymer Ave. They found wounded Auflick outside on the ground and transported him to the hospital.

The two appeared to be injured in the same shooting incident on Wood Street, the release said.

Three hand guns were located throughout both investigations, two of which had been reported stolen, the report said.

No charges have been filed, pending the outcome of the investigation, the report said. The incident remains under investigation.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Detective David Scheurer at 419-755-9748.

Anita Adkins, a next door neighbor, said she too is sick of the violence in the area.

It has become common to see blue and red lights streaming through her window since she moved into the apartment in August; police conduct raids in the area all the time, she said.

Adkins said she doesn’t want her two school-age daughters to get used to waking up to the sound of gun shots.

“What if one of those bullets had strayed?” Adkins asked.

“Today is the last straw,” Adkins said. “We’re going to start looking for another place to live.”



Twitter: @njKaitlinDurbin

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Conflict on when our NEW Prosecutor was hired???

Funny thing in this ad in Monday, March 16th, 2015 Shoppers Helper it says our new prosecutor was appointed in October of 2014? This means MNJ article posted on MP site September 30th, 2014 said she was appointed that Monday which would make it Sept.29th, 2014 right? It also says it was retroactive to the day James Mayer killed himself in what was said to be suicide? Many of which don’t believe that either?

Not sure if that’s legal either, according to the ORC all this surely don’t sound right? http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/305.02

You say????


September article on tell it like it is…






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Hearing reminders for Richland County Sales Tax increase.

Terrible idea to burden an already economically depressed region, take their crumbs? Nice one taking more for CAC?



Story By: Greg Heindel 

The Richland County Commissioners approve a tight 2015 budget, and schedule public hearings toward raising the sales tax.

The budget calls for $33-million to be spent from the general fund, and for the jail and Community Alternative Center.

But the amounts of money requested by department heads were $6-million more than that.

The budget does not have a year-end carry-over.

The commissioners say the tight budget stems from deep cuts in the state’s local government fund, a dramatic drop in investment income, and 960-thousand dollars in rising costs.

So they plan to increase the sales tax by 1/4%, to the maximum allowable of 7 1/4%, starting July first.

The sales tax increase would generate an estimated $3-million, and would help the commissioners create a rainy day fund.

Public hearings are set for April 7th at 9:30 am in the commissioners’ office, and April 14th at 6 pm at the Longview Center.

They expect to vote on the increase April 16th.

 Who has a rainy day fund these days?

Community Alternative Center should be the tax payers burden is a question of ethics.



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Drew Tyler goes silent, the people wonder?

What happened to Drew Tyler the accuser of false witness, still waiting to see how you prove what you say.

Especially how you are really Drew Tyler ROTFL!

Thanks for the hits my intrepid friend lol!


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Mansfield’s Mouthpiece Drew Tyler speaks out ROTFLMAO?

Once again the longtime nemesis self proclaimed mastermind Drew Tyler not willing to come from behind his or her keyboard now proclaiming a one time domestic violence charge from over a decade ago is something to fear, now that leaves me ROTFLMAO.

This nemesis and hater of the MP simply does not like the expose of Mansfield Corruption where they feed and also have proclaimed they are the Elite of Mansfield, successful, yet intimidated by a washing machine slinger lol!

Lets review their latest post shall we for analysis which shows nothing has changed in their motive to discredit the founder of truth. Speaking of truth, how can one who hides behind a keyboard have such credibility? How many more times will they post under this speakers name in defense of corruption for Mansfield Richland County Ohio?

After posting this blog – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/the-mps-biggest-fan-mouthpiece-for-corruption-none-other-than-the-great-anonymous-drew-tyler-lol/

We have experienced this feedback for discussion…

The MPs biggest fan Mouthpiece for corruption none other than the great anonymous Drew Tyler lol comments…

You will find here some very similar views that have been publicly made by the Mayor of Mansfield and County Commissioners and the few punks who claim to be LEO’s lol! 

Now I am being told the word has it if I were to visit the Richland County Public Building I will need an escort? Sorry fella’s I’m not buying into the Escort program, we know what your definition of escort is (hint,hint) They have been shared in the MP group as well – lol!

Message I got on facebook, heard this came from the CAC – LOL!

***So i heard tonite u are not allowed in county building without an escort? – That’s hilarious! The one I hear spreading this rumor at the CAC is the hired aggravated drug dealing felon who also came to where I work to take pictures of me? Yes, I will be escorted when ever I enter that building with like minded CITIZENS who are sick of your crap!

BE PREPARED, WE ARE COMING SOON… “ARMED” ONCE AGAIN WITH GO-PRO’s in hand. SCARED OF THAT HUH??? I can’t speak for all Richland County, but I’ll be damned if I will allow the Commissioners to RAISE the SALES TAX to fund such an operation of corruption within our County! What happened to these outlaws paying their own way, they don’t like PRISON, THEN DON’T BREAK THE LAW!



Phil Submitted on 2015/03/12 at 11:06 pmYou can post anonymously again Drew, I took Facebook connection off. You like?


Drew Tyler is A Douche
Submitted on 2015/03/13 at 2:13 pmWhoever wrote that seems to be oblivious to the fact that everyone in Mansfield knows it’s corrupt.
They are just mostly afraid to speak. The only one getting laughed at is The poster who is obviously Drew Tyler


I want to meet drew lol
Submitted on 2015/03/13 at 10:54 pmThe idiot that wrote it proved they are an idiot by saying at a hotel, and about only 5 people present, be part of the problem or part of the solution! Get your facts straight Drew!


Philly Boys secret friend
Submitted on 2015/03/14 at 3:54 pmOh Phillip, I hope you know we still laugh at you endlessly. We turned the doctors at med central and several private doctors office nurses onto your sad page of five followers. You’re a laughingstock in Mansfield. Yes, We all know this town is corrupt. But the fact that you think your page of misfit losers is making a difference is so funny. We’re all laughing at you Phyllis. The whole town is.
Dead Central?
Submitted on 2015/03/14 at 8:00 pm | In reply to Philly Boys secret friend.I am sure you do know about the corruption and part of it too. I like how Med Central allows so called specialists into patients rooms to sign up for Medicaid on the premise we will take good care of you? Has me ROTFLMAO!


Drew Tyler
Submitted on 2015/03/16 at 10:16 pm | In reply to Phil.I’ve been right here all along ole Philly boy. Yeah I know, it broke your heart when the former Prosecutor killed himself because all along you thought I was him…and his brother…and someone from your stupid cut and paste website…well guess again dumbass lol. I don’t know any Timmy so not sure what video your talking about. But then again, any video or post that you have or share is probably stolen just like all your cut and paste articles were. Loved how the newspaper lawyer turned you into the bitch everyone knew you were.


Drew Tyler
Submitted on 2015/03/16 at 10:19 pm | In reply to Drew Tyler is A Douche.At least this guy got it right…he knows I’m Drew Tyler. Yeah Philly boy douche is a word you know well because for years that is what everyone who works with you has been calling you. Oh well, I’m sure your used to it. By the way, is your ole lady still on the wagon or has she fell off again???


Submitted on 2015/03/17 at 11:41 amPussilanimous? Some sort of dinosaur? I mean someone has got to stop trying to use such big words in attempt to look smart. It’s just as easy to call this Peter puffer a pussy, or cocksucker. Surely the best part of him slipped between his mother’s legs and ended up on the sheets.


Phil Submitted on 2015/03/17 at 1:51 pm | In reply to mike.Not trying to look smart cause I am smart. I refrain from language not necessary to get point across. How ever I do like your perspective. Pusillanimous is a coward by the way


Phil Submitted on 2015/03/18 at 7:15 am | In reply to Drew Tyler.Drew is it, or is it farmer John – I’m getting CONfused with your many multiple personalities? Got any farm equipment for sale?


Submitted on 2015/03/18 at 7:54 am | In reply to Drew Tyler.He probably beat her a$$ again. He has a bad habit of abusing his wife. Why do you think they live at Lake Maria
on Vanderbilt road? But what whose can you expect from a lying woman beater? Just ask Judy Ketzel Bradey. She’s a prostitute phil uses when his wife is too battered to perform.








Dr. Bob
Submitted on 2015/03/18 at 9:19 am | In reply to Philly Boys secret friend.Hi Larry. You delivered us a load of bio hazard disposal bags yesterday. Larry, when you show people a site online with the explicit intention of ridicule, wouldn’t you expect those people to look at it? We did. And my friend, after reading your apprehensible, and after researching the issue little, outright baseless, slanderous lie against Phil Sydnor, we have decided to terminate out contract with your company. I’ve already talked to your boss and tomorrow you’re going to have some tough choices to make. As for everyone laughs at this site, try again. You see, I happen to know for a fact that the only laughing that is directed at this site and a few of it’s members is nervous laughter coming directly from downtown. Anyways, Have a great day tomorrow, I heart it’s supposed to be sunny out for your walk to the unemployment line. … did I fail to mention that your boss Tim is my cousins husband? He said he told you the internet would bite you in the butt. It has.Phil Sydnor, Connie Garber, even Randy Sheppard, nobody is laughing at you. Quite the opposite actually.


Phil Submitted on 2015/03/19 at 9:20 am | In reply to Dr. Bob.Thank you Dr Bob for the kind words, just shared with the MP Group. Good to see someone taking a stand with us against these negative posts from anonymous posters. Surely Drews response will be you are me talking in the 3rd person – lol!https://www.facebook.com/groups/MansfieldersPerspective/


Drew Tyler
Submitted on 2015/03/26 at 3:11 pm | In reply to Larry.Larry, seems like you hit another nerve with ole Philly. The one thing I noticed in his half-assed response is that he didn’t deny being a wife beater nor did he deny using prostitutes. Can we then assume, just as he does with all his stupid ass posts, that what you have said is correct? Yep, I’m going to be your right.


Phil Submitted on 2015/03/26 at 6:11 pm | In reply to Drew Tyler.Well Drew you seem to forget a little something, one that I have denied everything you said, and two you are yet to prove it. Now that’s ROTFLMAO again and again. I don’t think we will be hearing from your pal Larry, Dr Bob set him straight I believe?


Phil Submitted on 2015/03/27 at 8:24 am | In reply to Drew Tyler.Drew Tyler aka Thom Mock You are starting to get sloppy…http://www.mansfieldersperspective.com/questionpolitics.html


Drew Tyler
Submitted on 2015/03/27 at 11:26 am | In reply to Phil.First my response was to Larry’s post and you didn’t deny anything he said. All you said was that if he had something to say to come to where you live. Your criminal convictions in the past are proof enough for anyone who cares to have a gander at them. Yeah yeah yeah we all know your claim that you were framed, your lawyer sucked, the court railroaded you but truth is, you got arrested for beating on a woman regardless of what your charge was reduced to. Some kinda man you are. As far as my “friend” Larry, sorry don’t know him either and I don’t know Dr. Bob either. So whatever dealings the two of them have is really a moot point. Easter is coming and I wonder how many “public” Easter egg hunts your gonna attend to try and get enough food to feed your family for the month of April since we all know you didn’t make shit last month slinging them ole washing machines. If you want I can set up some donation jars around town and see if we can’t get enough people to donate? I’m doubting you will collect much though because the Ole Pilly Fund just isn’t worth the trouble or money. That’s OK though Philly hang in there. One of these days you will make enough money to pull yourself out of yet another trailer park and maybe even get a house. Leaves me forever ROTFLMFAO over and over and over and over again.


Drew Tyler
Submitted on 2015/03/27 at 11:29 am | In reply to Phil.Is this yet another person you want to claim I am? First is was the Mayer dude who got fired, then I was his brother the prosecutor, then I was someone in the courthouse, then I was someone who worked for MPD or RCSO. Now I am this Tom Mock? Face is stupid, you have been wrong on every account, my name is Drew Tyler. Yep I don’t have a criminal record like you so searching that database won’t find me. I’m right here douche bag. And guess what…other than blocking me again there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Now…get your ass back to slinging them washing machines so you got enough spare change to buy your ole lady her booze.


Submitted on 2015/03/27 at 12:27 pm | In reply to Drew Tyler.Struck a nerve did we? If you’re so gung ho on this one personality and not those you want folks to perceive then why don’t like you say…prove it? lol! you can’t cause you want folks to believe your scared because of some made up record or non sense you can’t prove either. none of which is true or can be proven, just like how you can’t prove you are Drew Tyler. People are laughing, at the fact you are the biggest behind the keyboard pusillanimous ever. Now that’s ROTFLMAO again and again you say?


gonna getya soon 
Submitted on 2015/03/27 at 8:22 pmhttp://mansfield.craigslist.org/rnr/4951256375.htmlDrew Tyler is a long time pussy who will never come out from him/her keyboard.Back to your old shot again I see. 3rd person identities lol!



gotcha pegged
Submitted on 2015/03/27 at 8:25 pm | In reply to gonna getya soon .http://mansfield.craigslist.org/rnr/4951422971.htmltoo funny!


Fred Bear
Submitted on 2015/03/27 at 10:10 pm | In reply to Drew Tyler.Well its the infamous Drew Tyler mouthpiece for Mansfield still chirping nonsense.When you gonna come clean and tell folks who you really are? If you’re afraid of Phil then maybe there’s more to it than you are eluding? There’s a reason you have to lie we just haven’t figured it out yet?

Drew Tylers ip I am being told is coming out of Columbus, hmmm?

Drew Tyler ip1

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Community Alternative Center (CAC) needs a case manager?

Come on Commissioners, CLOSE THIS PLACE DOWN!

Hiring fired state employees and felons are the reason this place needs funding. I mean the LAWSUITS this place is bringing to the community is ridiculous!

Here’s this places last hiring post, on craigslist of ALL places! This is where the County cronies post all their crap anonymously against my MP group. Now we have Judges blaming this group for all their woes along with telling folks they can’t belong to this group even when they’re not on probation. I wonder why that is? SECRETS MUCH???



Case Manager (597 Park Ave. East, Mansfield,Ohio)

© craigslist – Map data © OpenStreetMap
597 Park Avenue East

(google map) (yahoo map)

compensation: $12-15/hr. compensatory range


Richland County Community Alternative Center is seeking a Case Manager to work in the jail alternative and treatment program with male and female adult offenders. This position would be a part-time at 28 hours per week. Responsibilities would be under the direction of the Program Director and include: Caseload of 15-30 clients; performance of job release verification and on-site checks; conducting resident screening interviews; drug and alcohol testing; conducting small group educational classes; assisting in monitoring in-house programming, classroom scheduling, etc.; phone calls and coordination of services for clients in the community; computer input of data; dealing with client issues; and other tasks. Work hours could include some evening hours and occasional weekend availability.

Preferably a minimum requirement of an Associates Degree with experience and skills related to criminal justice, human services, or a related field. Certification in the area of ODADAS drug and alcohol counseling would beneficial, as well – but not necessarily required. Knowledge of the function and procedures of the criminal justice system. Excellent interpersonal, oral, written communication skills and some computer knowledge and experience. Ability to organize and work independently; self-starter who can identify potential program needs and problems. Ability to quickly respond to crisis situations.

Send resume and letter of interest either by mail or email to:

Richland County Community Alternative Center
Attention: Tom Trittschuh, Program Director
597 Park Avenue East
Mansfield, Ohio 44905 or
email: show contact info
Deadline for accepting information will be Friday, April 3, 2015 at 4 P.M.

  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
  • do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers

post id: 4950329848



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MPD Officer Michael L Garn case a do over?

Original case 2015 CR 0095 Dismissed???              Filed 02/11/15

Judge Robinson Attorney’s Corral, Kimberly & Murphy, Clifford

NEW Case 2015 CR 0197 now begins???                Filed 02/26/15

Same Judge & Attorney’s

Strange, I didn’t realize you could have two cases, one and done?

Am I missing something, please give me your perspective.

Surely THEY will say this is a smear campaign by the MNJ, so what about Fox8 Cleveland?

Surely THEY will say this is a smear campaign by the MNJ, so what about Fox8 Cleveland?

Will Officer Garn be convicted and added permanently to the Wall of Shame?


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