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Steve Sheldon – Say its not so, and expose your own Drew Tyler!

That’s right! Here we have a poster on social media speaking for the Sheriff and his Deputy’s and I’m the one CONsidered crazy & dangerous? That’s real nice Steve Sheldon to speak this way against someone you DON’T KNOW! Don’t … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton vs Hillary Clinton, a Drew Tyler or Izzy Bogart?

What a Drew Tyler sounds like, aka Narcissistic Sociopath. To be fair, maybe it just depends on what “gang” she’s speaking to? There’s the original Mansfielders Perspective, and the one that depicts unsensored? Oh the mess we get ourselves in … Continue reading

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Drew Tyler exposed, now Izzy Bogart shall give it a go, UNDER INVESTIGATION???

These characters are quite silly and amusing if they really are what I believe they are? Yes, its been said the Mansfielders Perspective is under investigation and has been infiltrated by undercover law enforcement, like we have anything to hide, … Continue reading

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Dr Allan Cline speaks, has a theory on the delusional Drew Tyler and mouthpiece of corruption – Say What?

After sharing this video with a small poke at the great wonder of the World Drew Tyler I get this fine share from a fella giving free diagnoses or aka impersonating a Dr? WOW! – I thought his friends impersonating … Continue reading

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Imitation is the sincerest for of flattery to greatness! Thank you Drew Tyler and your band of fake accounts!

Yes, it is TRUE, my longtime nemesis and hater of TRUTH has created their own community of “REAL TRUTH” while simply just sharing more hate towards the Original that cant be duplicated. Just Google Mansfielders Perspective and see who comes … Continue reading

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Drew Tyler the loudmouth speaker of corruption has been blocked being they refuse to keep it real or share who they really are?

I believe we know who this fake entity speaks for, those who hate Independent Reporters, by Facebook standards that would be the average citizen they spy on. Clearly after reporting this fake account and their response like its no big … Continue reading

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Who’s Drew Tyler T-Shirts should give this Narcissistic Sociopath the Attention they are so looking for?

Yes, the first Design for Who’s Drew Tyler are coming! To order yours you can purchase at cost here… What you will get in this first edition design… More coming soon, stay tuned for more personal attacks against the … Continue reading

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Drew Tyler’s response to Mike Skidmore verdict! Great Job Mike & Company, stalker boy is back at it .

Yes, this is yet another Facebook messenger message from the narcissistic sociopath defender of corruption. Its CLEAR once again of an outcome they have no control over. The TRUTH is the Verdict was a HUGE VICTORY that everyone that knows … Continue reading

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1 of the top 10 influential women in Richland County Business, should make Drew Tyler proud?

Yes, Drew Tyler proclaims to be a successful business owner too, now that’s rotflmao! You gotta love these self proclaimed successful narcissists. You play with reality “MP” you will get burned! Hows that for CON-troll, get it? June 20th 2015 … Continue reading

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Drew Tyler says Mike Skidmore is going to Prison, Oh Really?

Second man sentenced in road rage incident Linda Martz, Reporter15 hours ago Richland County Common Pleas Court Judge James DeWeese sentenced¬†Izak X. Williams, 18, of Mansfield,¬†to two years of community control, with the possibility of serving 18 months in prison … Continue reading

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