OVI checkpoint set for tonight on Ohio 39 near Shelby

MANSFIELD — The Ohio State Highway Patrol and Shelby Police Department will hold an OVI checkpoint from 9 p.m. today until 3 a.m. Saturday on Ohio 39 near Taylortown Road.

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2 Responses to OVI checkpoint set for tonight on Ohio 39 near Shelby

  1. buckeyesyd says:

    Phil Sydnor ยท School of Hard Knocks
    I wonder how effective these checkpoints are?, I have NEVER seen a listing afterwards on how many they nabbed!. I would guess this is just to get overtime for some, while those who go through here depends on WHO THEY ARE! – we ALL know about professional courtesy & immunity for friends.

    I think IF we were gonna deter drinking and driving we need to arm citizens with cameras and follow those known town drunks?. I forgot, this depends once again who you follow with a camera – stalking charges could follow?.

    Any news on Sherri Robertson? – Still haven’t heard what her penalty was as an officer caught DUI!
    Just like the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR, professonal courtesy?.

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