Ontario may ban panhandlers – Following Mansfield down this path will lead these people underground where they will commit more violent crimes to get what they want?

What’s up with these oppressive leaders?, I thought it was their job to create the environment for EVERYONE to able themselves to get work, so if this is a problem, wouldn’t you say there’s the issue that the leaders are NOT doing what our Constitution calls for? This is simply just a way to silence a problem, to make people feel we are better than we are. There has to be a better way than making people who don’t want or can’t public assistance bow down to you or be jailed. We have enough LAWS on the books, if these people are committing a crime like harassment, then charge them. Begging is a form of Capitalism, you don’t want to give, then don’t, but to make it against the law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!.    “WE THE PEOPLE HAVE ENOUGH LAWS”

ONTARIO — Panhandling might soon become illegal in Ontario.

Before caucus Thursday night, police Chief Rod Smith handed a draft of an ordinance to ban the act to the Safety Committee chairman.

After reading an article in the Sunday edition of the News Journal discussing problems related to panhandling, Smith said he immediately called the Mansfield Police Department.

Panhandling, the act of approaching strangers to ask for food or money, is illegal in Mansfield, but is not in Ontario.

“I read a copy of their ordinance and said, ‘We need this here,’” Smith said.

After meeting with the law director, the pair drafted their own ordinance. Every member of council left with a copy Thursday.

One section of the draft states no person can panhandle on any street, sidewalk, public right-of-way or public property by “blocking the path of the person asking for the donation, following a person who walks away from the panhandler or makes any statement, gesture or other communication by which the panhandler knowingly causes another to believe that the panhandler will cause or threaten to cause harm to the person or their property.”

“This is definitely a problem here with panhandling,” said Councilman Mark Weidemyre. “We’ve got to do something about it.”

Council President Dan Zeiter agreed.

“Then the question comes into play, ‘Whose responsibility is it when they cause an accident?’” he said. “We definitely need to do something, that’s for sure.”

Council member Michelle Webb was in favor of the proposal.

“Mansfield has had this ordinance for a long time,” she said. “The system is in place and it works.”

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I’m starting to believe those who say Jami has become our local Governments warm and fuzzy mouthpiece to be spot on, and ANYONE who would write a story like this (my perspective) should not be considered an American citizen.

It’s a sad day when you have to take measures like this, and yes again we use “safety” as a way to make another oppressive law just so they can pick and choose who they lock up.

Leave these people alone, they are simply just a reminder that .gov is NOT DOING THEIR JOB!

IF they pass this ordinance, what’s next? – An ordinance that charities can’t solicit businesses and people for their cause? .GOV – what part of we don’t want you in our business that you don’t understand?

Where’s the publics choice in all of this?

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