One thing MPD and other should be transitioning from is tolerance from within departments for those who are sworn to protect from driving while intoxicated.

Don’t you think it’s a bit early to be promoting from within one who was busted for OVI? Those who get busted in the private sector don’t get off this easy, and you wonder why people don’t take these offenses serious?

Seems to me and surely others that there’s a bit of a hypocrisy going on here in Richland County that needs to be addressed publicly if they are serious about these crimes? If this was any of us we would have a hell of a lot of trouble finding a job as the latest outcry if criminal records here. Of coarse you will not see my response to this comment on their site, I wonder why?

Bob Jones · Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio

it is called consequences people. employers have he right to know what kind of people they are hiring, it is after all, their business, their reputation and their money on the line. as far as the state goes, who would expect anything else from the government but political correctness
  • Phil Sydnor · Major Sales at ABC Warehouse Ontario, Ohio

    Where’s the consequences for Shari Robertson (MPD) who was BUSTED OVI?, and why did the Sheriff’s Dept give John Mayer professional courtesy when they thought he was intoxicated? – She’s been promoted for her criminal offense, and he’s now working for the County. What people like you don’t get is it DEPENDS on who you are around here and enough is enough. If you want criminal records available to all, we want public records to be made public, not hidden or sealed like we see so many reprimand files. Answer this, and you will fix just one of Mansfields MANY problems – 🙂



Mansfield Police Department in transition

Jul. 20, 2014 2:10 AM   |  


Written by

Mark Caudill

News Journal

MANSFIELD — The reorganization of the Mansfield Police Department is nearly complete.

The administration looks very different from even a year ago. Changes started in November when then-Chief Dino Sgambellone retired. Ken Coontz took the helm in December.

In early March, Deputy Chief Tobie Smith retired and was replaced by Keith Porch.

Coontz and Porch are finalizing their administration. No retirements are expected for some time.

There are, however, four pending promotions. There will be another lieutenant and three sergeants.

“Since I took over in December, it’s been constantly evolving,” Coontz said of the administrative lineup. “I’m looking forward to getting promotions out of the way and getting some stability in place.”

Bret Snavely and Shari Robertson are the two captains. They were promoted in April. Snavely oversees the patrol unit, and Robertson supervises the detective bureau.

Lt. Joy Stortz will return to the METRICH Enforcement Unit to head up the task force. Lt. Rob Skropits soon will replace recently retired department dean John Wendling in running the day-to-day operations in the detective bureau.

“It’s exciting to see officers advancing their careers,” Coontz said. “At the same time, I recognize that I’m losing senior supervisors that I relied upon heavily.”

Safety-Service Director Lori Cope admits it has been a little chaotic.

“We had so many people near retirement. They all left at the same time,” she said. “The young ones are moving into those positions.”

The watch commanders should include Lt. Doug Noblet on day shift, Lt. Doug Seman on second shift and the high scorer on the recent promotional exam as the night lieutenant.

“There’s bidding rights that will ultimately place everybody,” Coontz said.

As the chief said, stability is what his department needs.

“The department really is in transition,” Coontz said. “It’s up to me and Keith to mentor these guys and mold them. We really preach mentoring, preparing people for the next step.”
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