One Identity theft suspect in Ontario caught three others get away!

Fellow business comrades, need to be vigilant and watching for Identity fraud. We were almost hit today for $5,000 @ ABC Warehouse in Ontario before the people got greedy and tried to run a second card. One of our Indiana stores did not catch them and was hit for nearly $5,000 before they came this way. It’s my understanding they hit Walmart and Best Buy as well in Ontario as well, not sure if they made off with product, surely didn’t get ours (smile). Thanks to O.P.D. being quick in response one of the two Ryder trucks were apprehended with one of the two white females our folks positively identified where caught leaving town on 4th and Rt 30, almost got away! Thanks to Walmart giving a description of the vehicles and our stores vigilance of keeping one of the suspects ID’s and a copy of the other the O.P.D. was able to hold for a warrant to enter the truck that was said to be loaded with goods. The other white female and two black males got away apparently heading west on Rt.30 in which we can only suspect will be caught up with later since the one caught was willing to talk. Appears once again another on probation with a suspended license was her demise.
Keep a watchful eye friends, this is not the first time they have done this and surely it will not be the last. If you suspect in hard times something doesn’t seem right, then more than likely it’s not. Want to thank the Ontario Police for being quick to respond or they might have gotten away with it!

Great job to everyone involved in catching these thieves, hope they lock them up and throw away the key, this time! This is what happens when you think it’s cheaper to allow these people to roam the streets than their full term in prison where they belong. To my friend who holds the 10 commandments dear, so much for “Thou Shalt not Steal” you know who you are. (wink) Damn that Moses – lol!

Can’t wait to see what time these thugs get this time, what do you think?

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