Once again we have yet ANOTHER misleading story line???


Police: Children lived at meth lab site

Once again as FIRST noted in the heading above they want Mansfield’s ever growing problems to spread into other Communities in denial of where it all stems from. “Police seize meth lab found in Lex residence?” Come on MNJ, if you’re going to take credit for the Mid-Ohio racetrack then you should take credit for this!

“Acting on a tip to Officer Ryan Anschutz, patrol officers and detectives from the METRICH Enforcement Unit went to the second-floor apartment of 87 Lexington Ave.”

Nice Job Mark, once again trying to make it sound like this is not in Mansfield – IF you’re going to write “Lex Residence” you should get it right in your story.

What made me click on the story! – Nice job MNJ, got my attention – IF this said Mansfield residence, NOBODY would care, business as usual – lol!

87 Lexington Ave is in Mansfield people, and once again since I can’t comment back to the moron who wrote or approved this story I will ask them here.

87 Lexington Ave

What part of the story are you going to apologize for, the address or where you make it sound this moron lives? Quite frankly an angry residence of Lexington getting smeared by the long time problems of a wasted City spreading into our Communities within the County

I believe it’s time Gannett takes a close look at the idiots who write, let alone print this crap. I’m quite frankly sick and tired of these twisted stories that are not researched or well thought out before printing. I think if the residence is in Mansfield, you OWE us an apology – we don’t want your crap here – PERIOD!

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