Once again, as the story changes in the MNJ – HMMM? Sheriff now says “might have been armed” – Say what????

Story has changed 3 times now since it started, can’t anyone get it right? My guess is the MP will have to get the TRUTH for you, nobody else seems to know how to get it?

I’m not wasting the time to give you the links to MNJ, surely the story will have another turn, which will be shared here soon!

 Can I be the least bit curious to why the Deputy(s) who killed this mans names are not being released? If this was any joe smuckatelli their name would be in the HEADLINES. What I see, like many here in Richland County is a double standard. Remember the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR, he wasn’t guilty of dereliction of duty either was he? 

  • Lauren Amber McCoy · Sales Rep at Standardbred Technologies, LLC

    To my brother-n-law Brian, may you rest in peace, my friend my brother.
  • Tom Lattanzi · Bailiff at Ashland Common Pleas Court

    Headlines, Deputy Shoots; kills Lexington Man…..How about Suspect of Domestic Violence shot by Police. Police do not shoot to kill, they shoot as a last resort to stop a deadly encounter or situation, and or protect themselves or others.
    Typical guilty verdict by one of their own, birds of a feather flock together you know? I have a NEWS FLASH for you bud, it’s ALWAYS going to be a deadly encounter in another mans home, my question is why the father was more than likely restrained from defusing the situation? Surely this was a bad call to let them in without a warrant, come into mine and the encounter may not be what you hoped for! In these troubling times you have to expect with terrorism and dirty cops that a man’s going to defend himself. Taunt the lion they say???? Lets see how this turns out, after all cops do get a pass, hopefully this will be the end of it?
  • Keshia Allen · Hair Stylist at Great Clips

    Also I understand that the cops were doing their job IF Brian had a gun… Until this is known, everyone should have respect and not talk all this negative talk! There’s guns in my home, don’t mean I can’t defend myself – “Castle Doctrine” If anything, Matt may think twice from letting trigger happy cops in his home?
  • Keshia Allen · Hair Stylist at Great Clips

    Just as I stated on the other article.. This is my family. Brian may have had some problems but he was not at all a bad guy! People judge too quickly! He was starting to turn his life around! No one knows that and just assumes that since there was a domestic dispute that he was another Hitler. Please keep all nasty negative comments to yourselves. My family members don’t need all the negativity on to of all that had happened. His parents parents, wife, and children are going through enough right now without the hatred! I hope you Rest In Peace Brian! I am sure of that Keshia, I did not know Brian, how ever I knew the family as you do Brian here. Hopefully with this tragedy we can all learn the truth of what happened to make the next better? Toomuch of this going on in this County to ignore the FACT these deputy’s need more training. You would think the Sheriff wouldn’t be second guessing by saying he maybe had a gun?
  • Jeffrey Dropsey

    Cant bekieve those idiotic coments either dave. Everyone wants to put blame on the law. Heatherlee, I hope someday u need an officer ….are u gonna ignore his help???? Doubt u will…have some sense b4 u type stuff. U show ur ignorance. Police put thier lives on the line each n every day…have some friggin respect – I hope like the Garber’s I don’t need one either, if not for certain laws and restrictions surely this would not be the result! I don’t see Matt as not being able to handle his son, or his dad John for that matter. This tragedy will surely teach us a few things, hopefully people will learn from it?                   Rotten to the core lives????, or so it appears!
  • Dave Renner · Mansfield Senior High School

    Bottom line is no one knows what happened there. For anyone to accuse these officers of not doing what there supposed to and go home with there families is crazy. Everyone needs to keep all comments that are negative to them selves. And since when do you ever release the info if he had a gun before they complete there investigation. I get so tired of every time someone says the Police are involved someone has to say there are crooked cops. There have been many officers that have been charged on bogus crap. I am very sorry these parents lost there child, and they do not need to see negative things on here going either way.
    Bottom line here is…we WILL get the truth from this young mans father who’s son was snuffed out surely for no good reason. I am unaware of this young man having any issues other than some who say he was spoiled. The truth of the matter is this young man comes from a family of integrity! You will know the truth, this WILL NOT be brushed under the table for this family will not take any pay offs to keep it quiet if there’s any wrong doing to be found, we will surely know it. – Phil
  • Heatherlee Bays Hull · Full Time Mommy at Full time Pancreas

    Wish I knew what officer it was.I do know there are some crooked cops and some good ones. No where did it say that the guy had a weapon. So why was the gun even drawn. Why not cuff him and lock him up. To be killed in your parents home that officer had no respect. I don’t even see how those parents will be able to stay there. The whole situation is sad. The police should pay for everything including relocating. The family and the wife. I hope they didn’t have children there’s no good way to tell a child a cop someone who is to protect you shot and killed your daddy at grandmas and grandpas house. Sad just sad.Prayers to the family. Intelligent comment – I like – Phil
  • Rick Rush · Top Commenter · Works at Ohio DRC

    The only thing I can say is we never really know what families live through nowadays , especially with mental illnesses . There are families out there terrified because of abuse by loved ones and have No where to turn ! I mean it is easy to say call the Police but it is not an easy thing for some people to do and they live with the abuse that happens ! I don’t know anything about this case or if this man would abuse his wife and mom on a regular basis…but if he did…they don’t have to live with that fear ever again !
    Mental illness seems to be your bag and excuse for anyone these days, maybe you’re mentally ill from working too long for the DRC, you do know birds of a feather flock together? 
    ” I don’t know anything about this case or if this man would abuse his wife and mom on a regular basis…but if he did…they don’t have to live with that fear ever again !” – Rick, that’s an uncalled for comment. I’m willing to bet we may have another trigger happy cop we won’t have to deal with, so lets see who’s wrong? – Phil

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