Ohio Traffic camera Law, the WAR on Police?

Ohio traffic-camera law takes to freeways

The Legislature thought it could end unpopular traffic-camera enforcement with a provision requiring a full-time officer to be present when an automated enforcement camera catches a speeder. But some communities have found a lucrative route around the rule by stationing officers with camera-equipped speed guns beside and above highways — rather than the local roadways where stationary cameras had been confined.

The communities of Youngstown and Newburgh Heights have already deployed camera-carrying officers. A third, Hubbard Township, plans to do so soon.

“We could write 1,000 tickets a day if we wanted to,” said Newburgh Heights Mayor Travis Elkins. About 200 tickets have been mailed since officers in the village of about 2,100 people began using the hand-held cameras in late August, he said. – IF this was about safety we could hire more cops and buy more cars if the average ticket is $80, and just think of what those stops could generate if they find more during these legal stops?

As many as 90,000 cars a day pass through the village on Interstate 77 on a normal work day, Elkins said. Using the new speed cameras on an overpass is far safer for officers compared with trying to chase down speeders in a cruiser. A village officer was struck by a drunk driver on I-77 last December, he noted. – But, they say officers put their lives on the line? If this was about safety we would hire more cops and layoff once the people slowed down? Just think what this could do for the people, rather than the “regime”?

The hand-held cameras allow officers to get keep a bead on a speeding car then snap a picture of its license plate when it gets in range. Officials in the communities using them say they’ve received inquiries from other departments in the state. – Still yet, the people can’t face their accuser, who’s to say a corrupt cop wouldn’t abuse this power?

Public opinion;

For the money they can generate from speeders I would rather see them HIRE more cops to chase down speeders personally rather than allowing them to fill their pockets like this? We have to put an end to the technology WAR on people, enough people are out of jobs where we can make this happen. What this ALLOWS is a modern day Nazi oppressive behavior to be instilled. You say?


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