“Ohio school performance tied to poverty”; I’m not buying it! – MP

Ohio school performance tied to poverty

I call BOLOGNA – Ohio School performance is tied to CORRUPTION & OPPRESSION – Performance is connected to denial of BOTH!

Come on Mansfielder’s WAKE UP! My parents were smart enough to move in the mid 70’s when your troubles began. I have managed thus far working in poverty to have a daughter who’s currently an A/B student at Lex, so don’t give us this poppycock being poor is the problem.

Why am I now in poverty?, I speak up and this is what happens when you do! We too shall overcome when we defeat this kind of poppycock!

Another point, how smart was the kid who’s Deputy dad lives in a $225k home who brought a gun to our school? I especially like how people are saying we must keep this quiet because its a kid? – Where’s the LESSON here people?????, and you wonder why your report card is in the tank?

IF you ask the poor who’s to BLAME you will find most will agree that it’s tied to the poor leadership in this area. The SMALL amount of children here can’t outnumber the number of corrupt and oppressors or we would be able to do something about it, right?

Oh, that’s right! – Mansfield / Richland County don’t have any viable candidates. or those who need BOOTED out run unopposed.

Want to BLAME poor grades on something, blame a lame society of people who want and get something for nothing, now they want better grades for nothing????

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