Ohio pushing local governments toward self-reliance?; Let’s take this a step further, how about pushing local people to work together to be self reliant from local Government?

Today’s article has brought the latest to light – DEPENDANCE on others!

Ohio pushing local governments toward self-reliance

Yes!, and the MP would like to see us take it a farther by getting “the people” back to being self reliant. Many of you remember this, right?
Remember when people had gardens and helped their neighbors?, it was only 40 years ago this was the case. Just talked to a 70 something at the store yesterday who remembers! He too believes Mansfield has taken the WRONG path becoming dependent on the hierarchy, just look around at what it has done. Mansfield is run down because of it. Talked with another fella who remembers back in the day when a business owner made $100, he put the $100 in his pocket! Now we have regulations that bureaucrats are getting too fat on that DON’T help “the people” because of it’s corruption. I’m not a business owner, but what these old timers say I would say it’s why business is leaving Mansfield in droves. Workers comp and unemployment were just a couple of tools mentioned that have hurt today’s business, and we wonder why these businesses now outsource? – it’s CHEAPER!, and they actually get a RETURN on their investment. When will we say enough with entitlements and life guarantees? NOTHING, I mean NOTHING is guaranteed in life, so why do we have these things in place to so-called protect us that have become ABUSED? It was one thing for someone to get hurt on the job, now we protect those who INTENTIONALLY go to work just to get hurt so they can get paid. These are REAL problems that need addressed and it ALL stems from a perverted justice system that scares the hell out of anyone when called to duty.
I am surely not indoctrinated into this system because of my faith, for some reason I am compelled to fight against tyranny that has come from this! Maybe if I wasn’t so cynical I would have faith in this system?
Sorry friends, but I will never buy into a system that is surrounded by the dependence on money, as we see today the problem(s) that are stemming from it when the money runs out. The day of robbing Peter to pay Paul are over!, someone now has to pay the piper and I’ll be damned IF I or our children will pay for those we allow to run amuck to have perverted self reliance, God, Justice, and the TRUE working man with so-called leaders who think they can replace God to CONTROL Human nature. There was a time when choices had consequences, those days are gone, thanks to the false hope that Government will take care of you! You want help?, get into a GOOD Bible based Church and exercise your right to praise the God of your choice, the one we have become dependent on is BROKE!

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