Ohio National Guard officer accused of child sex crimes.

I just hope IF this goes to trial and plea dealt out of court and the news that they get a jury of peers that they get them from the Country in which he abused the children. We all know how perverted thinking the jurors of late have been, and we wonder who the terrorists are and why we have them in the first place! Maybe it’s time to show the World we are as serious about crimes like this just as they are?

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for those who commit crimes abroad, and maybe those so-called terrorists would leave us alone? Have I EVER said…and we wonder who the terrorists are?; If this man gets a deal, I think you know!


Ohio National Guard officer accused of child sex crimes

Jul. 17, 2013
Written by
Kantele Franko and Regina Garcia Cano
Associated Press

MARYSVILLE — A National Guard major who has said he wanted to adopt a girl from Africa to protect her from rape has been indicted on charges he sexually abused three children, including two of his own.

A grand jury in central Ohio indicted the Marysville man on Monday on charges of rape, sexual battery and gross sexual imposition between 2006 and 2012. The 17-count indictment says he’s the father of two of the children but doesn’t give his relationship with the third.

The Associated Press isn’t naming the 40-year-old man to protect the children’s identities.

The man arrived in Kuwait at the end of June for a one-year deployment, Ohio National Guard spokesman James Sims said on Tuesday. The man, who was working as a medical operations officer with the 371st Sustainment Brigade, has been released from duty and is “being sent back to the United States,” Sims said.

In a 2008 story in a military publication, the man spoke about his large family and about wanting to adopt a girl to protect her from sexual assault.

Of the three children cited in the indictment, two are in foster care, and the third is with her father, who is not the National Guard major, according to the Union County prosecutor’s office.

Up to 11 children lived with the man and his spouse at a house in Marysville, a city of 22,000 residents northwest of Columbus, Marysville Police Department records show.

Police helped with the removal of 11 children from the house last August, according to a police report. Another report shows that three days later police received a report from the county’s Children Protective Services division alleging that someone living at the same address as the couple had been sexually abused.

Multiple attempts to reach the man, his spouse or their relatives by phone and email or in person were unsuccessful Tuesday. Court records don’t list an attorney for either defendant. They are scheduled to be arraigned in court Aug. 1.

The man’s indictment includes one count of intimidation of an attorney, victim or witness in a criminal case. A Union County grand jury also indicted the man’s spouse, a 35-year-old woman, with two counts of that charge and an additional count of obstructing justice.

The intimidation charges stem from the couple having intentionally sent one of the children out of the state after the child, who’s not one of the victims listed in the indictment, had reported some information, Union County prosecutor David Phillips said. Phillips did not elaborate on the type of information or say to whom it was reported, and he wouldn’t comment on any details of the abuse allegations.

The prosecutor’s office said two or three children who were not victims of abuse continue to live with the man’s spouse.

Garcia Cano reported from Columbus. Associated Press writer Andrew Welsh-Huggins in Columbus contributed to this report.

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